Everything different for Switch fans? Nintendo releases update

The Switch2 may be closer than you think – but until then, published Nintendo not only new games for the current Switch, such as hits like Super Mario Bros. Wonder, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Super Mario RPG … but also Updates for the console, to continue closing the switch improve and fans with new features to delight. So now again, because Nintendo has an update for them Switch published. What changes now for Switch players?


The Nintendo Switch is still missing important functions

The Switch has been on the market for over six and a half years, but to this day it seems Nintendo to refuse many things desired feature to bring to the insanely successful console.

For example, it is still not possible to change the background image. You can only choose between a white and a black background Nintendo fans decide. The Switch also doesn’t have a browser to this day.

Nintendo is finally pleasing the players with one much-awaited innovation? At least there is an update for them Switch appeared. But unfortunately we don’t have any very good news…

Nintendo releases Switch update, that changes


Unfortunately, update 17.0.0 only brings innovations that won’t be particularly exciting for most Switch players. Tried for a long time Nintendo to live up to its reputation as a family-friendly company by communicating with Switch players in certain ways “bad words” censored become.

According to the well-known data miner “OatmealDome” this is also the case Updating this “bad words” list the only one really notable innovation of the update for the Nintendo Switch (buy now €329.00 ).

Does Nintendo’s Switch update bring further changes?

But that’s not all, because… Nintendo mentions two other innovations through the Switch update: firstly, one improved system stability and secondly one optimized general user experience. Whether that is the Nintendo fans really blow your socks off? Hardly likely. More like this one great gift from Nintendo, that you can grab now.