Everything about the Volvo EX30 – when the electric car is launched

A compact electric crossover below the XC40 in terms of size. This year, Volvo will present its brand new electric car – here we collect everything we know about the model, which is believed to be called the Volvo EX30.

The first glimpse was a dim image that flickered by at the launch of the EX90. There, next to the new flagship model was a small car. This, “EX30”, is to be presented in 2023 – but what information is there about what is to come?

Should it be called EX30?

What the new model will be called is not official. However, given the new alphanumeric nomenclature, EX is not a high-profile contender. Volvo has also confirmed on several occasions that the car ranks below the XC40 in terms of size, which probably means a lower figure. So far, the manufacturer has used 30 as the lowest – of which much points towards the model being named EX30.

Then the Volvo EX30 is launched

During a visit to Melbourne, Volvo boss Jim Rowan revealed that the new car will have its official premiere “June 15 or thereabouts”. This means that we have less than six months until we see the car.

Size and price

One clear thing that electrification has meant is that prices have become increasingly higher. In Sweden, Volvo has been synonymous with family car, but how is that to be translated to the electric car when the cheapest alternative costs well over half a million? Yes, with a smaller car. But perhaps not one that is primarily aimed at families.

“The smaller (crossover eds. note) let’s pause there for a second because I think it’s important. The age demographic that we have at Volvo is much older than we want, we have to bring younger people into the brand. Therefore it comes [EX30] have a very good price level for an entry-level model. Very safe, ok range, good size but less than 40’s,” Jim Rowan told the Australian Carsales.

This should then mean that Volvo will now be able to attract a new customer group.

But price then? Exactly what we can expect remains to be seen, but it will be lower than the XC40 Recharge – and Volvo will push hard against its subscription form Care by Volvo.