Epidemiologist predicted “six-figure numbers” for the incidence of COVID-19

January 14, 2022, 23:48

In Russia, due to the strain of coronavirus “omicron”, a sharp increase in the incidence may occur, says epidemiologist, candidate of medical sciences Alexander Vygonyailov. Writes about it URA.RU.

“This is due to the short incubation period of the strain and high contagiousness, that is, the ability to cause disease. If at the “delta” at the peak in Russia there were 41 thousand infections, then at least a six-figure figure is expected here, 100 thousand, and maybe more, ”the doctor said.

Former head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova statedthat the infected “omicron”-strain becomes contagious already in the first day.

World Health Organization (WHO) reported about the record number of COVID-19 infections in a week. Between January 3 and 9, 15,453,286 people became infected, which, according to WHO, shows a 55% increase compared to the previous seven days.

The majority of cases were still reported in Europe, with a 31% increase in cases, but the numbers are particularly high in Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific region. Africa recorded an 11% drop in cases in a week.


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