Enlisted: Open Beta Test will start on April 8

Enlisted: Open Beta Test will start on April 8

Darkflow Softwares has announced that Enlisted is almost ready to enter the Open Beta Stage (OBT)! From April 8, the game will be ready to accept the army of new fighters.

After the completion of closed testing, the game will receive a number of updates. For example, the Invasion of Normandy arsenal will be replenished with weapons: the Browning M1918A2 machine gun, the legendary FG 42 II landing rifle, as well as the American P-38 J fighter and the German Pz.IV H. tank. In the Battle of Moscow you will see the DP machine gun 27 sniper rifles SVT-40 and Gewehr 98 with telescopic sight, anti-tank gun PzB 39, as well as SB-2M and Ju-87 R.

Both campaigns will receive anti-tank mines and other historically accurate weapons and equipment, as well as a number of new missions. A revised system of rewards, combat missions, the development of units and fighters, and the receipt of ammunition and equipment will be launched.


Exclusive Founder’s Packs with Premium Squads and Exclusive Weapons are still available for purchase until the end of the Closed Beta (i.e. April 8th). After that, it will no longer be possible to buy them, they will remain exclusive to those who purchased the game in the early stages of development.

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