Endless OS 6.0 distribution with atomic updates now available for release

Presented distribution release Endless OS 6.0, aimed at creating an easy-to-use system in which you can quickly select applications to suit your tastes. Applications are distributed as self-contained packages in Flatpak format. Size proposed Boot images range from 1.2 before 23 GB.

The distribution does not use traditional package managers, instead offering a minimal, atomically updated read-only base system built using the OSTree toolkit (the system image is atomically updated from a Git-like repository). Fedora developers are trying to repeat ideas identical to Endless OS as part of the Silverblue project to create an atomically updated version of Fedora Workstation, as well as the creators Vanilla OSCarbonOS tau-OS And Pop!_OS. Endless OS installer and update system, are used in the GNOME OS project.


Endless OS is one of the distributions that promotes innovation among user Linux systems. The desktop environment in Endless OS is based on a significantly redesigned fork of GNOME. At the same time, Endless developers actively participate in the development of upstream projects and pass on their developments to them. For example, in the GTK+ 3.22 release, about 9.8% of all changes were prepared developers of Endless, and the company overseeing the project, Endless Mobile, is part of supervisory board GNOME Foundation, along with FSF, Debian, Google, Linux Foundation, Red Hat and SUSE.

Basic changes in Endless OS 6.0:

  • In the appearance settings, the ability to enable a dark design style has been added, which is more comfortable for the eyes when working in the dark.
  • The appearance of all basic applications, including the file manager, configurator and application installation system, has been updated and adapted to work with the dark theme. The new interface is notable for its use of flat design and more contrasting highlighting of elements.

    The styling changes are based on standard technologies and also apply to browsers (Chrome, Firefox, GNOME Web, Chromium) and most other applications downloaded through the App Center.

  • The application for taking screenshots and recording screencasts has been redesigned. The process of selecting a screen area, an application window, or the entire screen has been simplified. Selected areas are remembered, eliminating the need to re-select when taking subsequent pictures. To take a screenshot, you can use the PrintScr button or a separate icon in the menu.

  • The basic package includes a new Music application for managing your music collection and listening to music (Rhythmbox has been replaced by GNOME Music).

  • The Decibels application is included for playing individual sound files, which can be used, for example, to quickly evaluate voice messages received by mail.

  • The image viewer has been updated (Eye of GNOME has been replaced by GNOME Image Viewer), which has modernized the interface, optimized performance and added support for new formats such as HEIC/HEIF and WebP. Expanded controls using multi-touch gestures, for example, when pinch-zooming on a touchpad or touch screen.

  • Added a collection of applications that may be useful to game developers, such as the Godot game engine toolkit, the Audacity sound editor, the Blender 3D modeling system and tutorials, the GIMP graphics editor, the Inkscape vector editor, and the sprite and animation editor Pixelorama.

  • Added educational applications and educational games: Aqueducts, Dragon's Apprentice, Fablemaker, Frog Squash, The Passage, Tank Warriors.
  • Changed behavior when the system is low on memory. The settings have been changed to more actively close applications at the initial stage of low memory, so as not to cause the system to freeze.
  • The transition to using the Pipewire 1.0 multimedia server has been made.
  • The system environment has been updated to Debian 12.5 (Debian 11 was used in the Endless OS 5 branch). The Linux kernel has been updated to version 6.5. GNOME components are in sync with version 43.9.

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