Emotional Climax at RAGE Shadowverse 2024 Summer Grand Finals: An 8-Year Journey Ends

The day has finally come.

The “RAGE Shadowverse 2024 Summer GRAND FINALS” held at Bellesalle Akihabara on June 16th was the last RAGE to be held in the current “Shadowverse”. Many visitors came to the event, making it a very exciting day.


At the venue, not only was there the final tournament, but there were also a ton of side events and exhibits looking back on the eight-year history of Shadowverse, and it made me feel like I wanted to stay here forever.

This time there will be lots of photos!

◆ “RAGE Shadowverse 2024 Summer GRAND FINALS” Event Report

The venue was the familiar Bellesalle Akihabara. It had previously been Makuhari Messe, Akihabara UDX, and Ariake Central Tower Hall, but this place has become the new favorite. It was so accessible and so amazing.

I think the number of people that day was the biggest ever. In the front row, it felt like a reunion of people who hadn't come to RAGE in a long time.


No, I feel like I might cry… Just like this, an emotional event was going on at the sub-stage on the first floor.
Magical Lovely's Shadowverse show “#MagicalShadowverse” finally aired its final episode (?) live, but Noda Crystal was as free-spirited as ever.
Moko, who has been livening up Shadowverse since its early days through streams and official programs, also participated. His interaction with Ligze was very emotional.
Similarly, Kamonohashi and Ramu, who have supported Shadowverse since its early days, also rushed to the event. As always, they livened up the RAGE, which is coming to an end, with their appropriate amount of dissing.
No, I feel like I might cry… (2nd time).

I couldn't keep up with the succession of emotional events so I went outside. As expected, since it was Akihabara, there were a ton of foreigners passing by!

A passing tourist from Canada, who had never played Shadowverse before, was intently watching the outcome of the match.

The first of the very emotional exhibits was the “Shadowverse ALL Additions Showcase.” All card pack banners and real promotional cards from the first to 32nd series were on display.

A panoramic view of the history of Shadowverse. It's just plain gruesome. Well, I could take endless photos…

When I spoke to a woman who was engrossed in the exhibits, she told me that this showcase was her No. 1 reason for coming to the event. As she looked at the card packs that were so memorable to her, she spoke enthusiastically about her memories of the environment at the time.

The second very emotional exhibit is a display of autographs from professional players, voice actors, commentators, and other people involved with Shadowverse.

There were also autographs from the voice actors who play the characters in the show, such as Kana Yuki, Tomokazu Sugita, and Junichi Suwabe, making it a fantastic space for fans.

We captured some great photos of the wild Ligze as he enjoyed interacting with fans at the venue!

Mr. Ligze won the “Most Contributing Player” award, which is decided by fan vote. Congratulations!

Since this was the last official merchandise sale, everyone was really pumped!

Shadowverse character goods and limited edition items were lined up in a small space, and fans' eyes lit up as they picked up the products.

Fans were also seen walking around the venue holding limited edition shoppers, which were given as a gift to anyone who spent over 3,000 yen (tax included).

The final tournament was held as usual on the main stage in the basement. The crowd was so large that admission was restricted.

Many fans were waiting for seats on the main stage to become available, and RAGE staff were constantly checking the availability via intercom.

The players who advanced to the finals were N/S and Yuto Fujiwara.

Many of you may recognize Fujiwara's face. Yes, he is Winter, whose unique playing style in “RAGE Shadowverse 2023 Winter” became a hot topic. This time, he will be competing under the name “Yuto Fujiwara.”

The play style that caused controversy last time is still alive and well this time. However, when the board is in a state where he is sure to win, he plays at an explosive speed like a different person!

At that moment, a huge cheer rose up from the audience. I feel like I'm getting loved…!!

The winner of this tournament, the culmination of eight years of hard work, was N/S. The moment N/S lifted the trophy, the venue was filled with thunderous cheers and applause from the audience.

[Winning comment from N/S player]
“This was my first time making it to the playoffs, so I'm happy that we were able to take advantage of this small opportunity (by winning).”

“I've been participating in RAGE for a long time (although I didn't practice properly for a long time), and there was no period when I didn't practice at all, so I think it's the steady effort that has led to this result.”

Such a weighty statement, fitting for the end of eight years…

◆Long-awaited new information about “Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond”!

The “RAGE Shadowverse 2024 Summer GRAND FINALS” concluded with the “Shadowverse Channel SP 31st Offline 8th Anniversary Live Broadcast.” As there was a major announcement about “Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond,” which is scheduled for release in the summer of 2024, many spectators remained at the venue even after the finals, despite it being late at night.

Now, here's some exciting new information!

“Release postponed” Whaaaaaaaaat?!?!?!

In order to further improve the quality, the release of Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond is scheduled for spring 2025. It's disappointing for fans who have been looking forward to it, but let's look forward to the release of an even more powerful version.

The professional league will be suspended until around spring 2025, but during that time there are plans to hold events such as fan meetings where players can interact with fans.

Regarding “RAGE Shadowverse,” the current individual match format will be temporarily suspended. Instead, team matches will be held in the current “Shadowverse” app in a time slip rotation format with three players in each group.

Qualifying tournaments will begin in July 2024, with three online qualifiers leading up to the GRAND FINALS in March 2025, as well as offline qualifiers in five cities: Aichi, Fukuoka, Chiba, Hokkaido, and Kyoto.

The grand prize for the GRAND FINALS will be 15 million yen. The in-game title that will be awarded as a bonus will also be transferable to Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond.

The “ES Tournament,” “ES Regional Tournament,” and “Shadowverse University League” will continue to be held in the current “Shadowverse.”

This is the last current Shadowverse tournament (for sure). Old decks can be used, so if you used to play, you might have a chance if you dig up your old decks and enter the tournament.

◆ Expectations for “Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond” grow even higher

A lot has happened in these past eight years.

There have been some negative reactions to the postponement of the release of Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond, and some people may take this opportunity to take a break from shadow activities.

On the other hand, there are many fans who continue to love the game as they always have, and one conversation at the venue was, “I don't play Shadowverse anymore, but my child is looking forward to Beyond.”

I realized how long the eight years of Shadowverse have been, a game that has been passed down through generations.