Elon Musk, his girlfriend: “Great gamer, bad boyfriend”

Elon Musk apparently knows how to do everything very well. Or almost everything. According to some slightly oblique statements from his now ex-girlfriend, singer Grimes, one of the things he does well is video games.

Elon Musk, his girlfriend: “Great gamer, bad boyfriend” (photo: youtube)

Less good would be his performances as a human being. And we expected it a little. Not to judge anyone but after 3 divorces and six children assorted, that Elon Spaceman Musk is not very down to earth when it comes to human relationships is not new to us.

Yet, thanks to the frustration of his latest girlfriend now Elon Musk has also entered (not directly but decisively) in a song. A song that doesn’t discount him.

Grimes, Elon Musk is the best player ever

On December 2nd Grimes made his debut with a new single “Player of Games”Which, as the singer herself explains, is for her the beginning of a new musical and human era and anticipates the new album with an equally iconic title: Book 1.

In the words of Grimes Book 1 is a large space-themed work with a homosexual love story at the center with an artificial intelligence. Something that we cannot help thinking is partly inspired by her four years spent next to her stars he really wants to reach them. And the very text of Player of Games exudes Elon Musk from every pore.

Because in the lyrics of the song, which on Twitter bounced in general disbelief, the singer openly refers to the “greatest gamer” that “will always love the game more than you love me“. The gamer can only be Musk himself, especially because in the pre-chorus the text becomes even more evident “sails towards the cold expanses of space“.

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We don’t even have to ask ourselves anymore at this point. And the song, which obviously has different levels of interpretation for what concerns the “gamer” and the “game” also certainly refers to great passion of Musk precisely for video games not only as a means of entertainment (but will Elon Musk ever entertain himself?) but also as an experiment to develop the skills of direct man-machine relationship.

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