Electric car, no thanks! The manufacturers hostile to change | They will never produce them

All car and motorcycle brands are running towards the electric… or maybe not? Here are five of the greats who do not yet have a fully electric car on the list. Some of them are really behind!

Suzuki will announce first electric car in 2025 (Carsguide)

Regardless how serious and imminent it is the climate disaster that is affecting the planet at this time – and of which we are already feeling the effects this summer between non-existent glaciers and plains with no more water – the hard truth is that for companies, climate change is a marketing opportunity like any other. Brands that are starting to offer electric cars certainly do so because it is necessary… but also to continue billing!

With the stop of the sale of all non-electric cars in Europe starting from 2035, the houses that still do not even have an EV car on the list they’re starting to get in a bit of trouble. Yet, they are not few! Ask a Suzuki which is also one of the most far-sighted brands in Japan. The Japanese house has a large number of hybrid cars in the current list but not even a fully electric one.

However, the company is not standing idle: in fact it recently announced its retirement from MotoGP to design ecological motorcycles and that by 2025, Suzuki customers will also be able to choose among some electric cars. But let’s look a little “in our garden” to realize that even in Italy there are houses without electric cars.

Recently, Alfa Romeo announced the Tonale, its latest SUV available for now with two hybrid engines. But what about electric cars? Not even talking about it. According to the specialized press, Alfa Romeo has never officially announced that it is ready for the great conversion of 2035 and we wonder at this point when it will feel ready to do so.

United States in crisis?

Most of the car manufacturers “behind on their time”, however, are stationed beyond the Atlantic Ocean. Brand names like Lincoln, the Ford Group brand destined for the production of luxury cars that still does not even have a fully electric car in its list. Do not worry, however: this year the house presented a concept car, a full EV SUV called Star which represents a step in the direction of the future. But we still don’t know if and when it will go into production.

Alpha Wallpaper abyss 27_07_2022 Quattromania
The Alfa Romeo Tonale will be one of the first Alfa hybrids on sale (Wallpaper Abyss)

Another house that announced only recently its first electric car – coming for 2024 – is Dodge. The manufacturer that works closely with the Stellantis Group has never before sold an electric car for sale. However, CEO Tim Kuniskis has promised customers of the brand, certainly more famous for its powerful and polluting muscle cars, that in two years a 100% electric car will arrive which, we want to make this prediction even without any foundation, in our opinion. it will be an EV version of the Charger.

Let’s close this list of short-sighted homes with Land Rover: yes, the very important English company does not even produce an electric car … but it must be said that it has several SUVs and hybrid off-road vehicles in its list thanks to the formidable PHEV technology which allows you to drive in a quiet and low-polluting way. Again, the company’s management plan is to bring an electric Land Rover to market by 2024 and five other models by 2026. Will they make it seriously?

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