Elden Ring – Shadow of the Erdtree: Hunt down and conquer every fire golem (furnace golem)

The furnace golems in Elden Ring's Shadow of the Earthtree DLC are certainly some of the most annoying enemies ever. Their enormous range and powerful attacks often prevent you from exploring. Here we'll show you the best way to defeat all eight fire golems and where to find them on the map.

Fire Giants in the Elden Ring DLC

You will encounter Furnace Golems in various places in the Shadow Realm. Right at the beginning, for example, you will be greeted by one of the fire giants on the Grave Field level. They can attack you from enormous distances and when you get closer, they stamp their feet on the ground, which triggers a wave of fire in the area. Tip: You can simply jump over this area attack and avoid the damage completely.


There are two types of fire golems in the DLC:

Unarmored Furnace Golems: Their legs are exposed and you can attack them with weapons (preferably large and heavy weapons). If you break their stance 3 times, they fall to the ground and you can perform a critical hit on their oven faces. Alternatively, while they are on the ground, you can throw a heavy fire pot or heavy oven pot into their basket and cause enormous damage.Armored Furnace Golems: Here the legs are also covered with armor. Your attacks have no effect here. In such cases there is always a spirit spring nearby that you can use to get to a higher level with the spectral horse. From here you can throw heavy fire pots or heavy oven pots into their baskets. It is also possible to attack their oven faces directly with close combat, spells or invocations.A notice: If you want to use pots, note that only heavy fire pots and heavy oven pots cause damage to the fire golems when you throw them into their basket. The fire pots, red mane fire pots and giant fire pots from the main game have no effect.

Making a Heavy Dutch Oven & Heavy Dutch Oven

The throwing pots mentioned are the best weapon in the fight against the furnace golems. The problem is that you cannot make them from the beginning. You first have to find the relevant manuals and then of course collect all the resources for production. Tip: Heavy oven pots are far more effective than heavy Dutch ovens, so it's best to focus on making oven pots alone.

Find manuals for heavy Dutch ovens & heavy oven pots


Within the scorched ruins in the middle of the Grave Field Plain you will find the Great Ruler's Handbook 1, which unlocks the Heavy Fire Pot for crafting. The Great Ruler's Handbook 2 for the Heavy Oven Pot can be found not far north of there in a house in the Abandoned Suffering Village.

You can now create both types of pots in your object crafting menu. The following ingredients are required for production:

Heavy Dutch oven: Heavy cracked pot, red flesh mushroom and black copper butterflyHeavy oven pot: Heavy Cracked Pot, Red Flesh Mushroom, Messmer's Ember and Oven FaceFind Red Flesh Mushrooms

In the small forest between the front of Ensis Castle and the cross on the colonnade, you can collect about five red flesh mushrooms close together. Then simply rest at a place of grace so that the mushrooms respawn again.

Finding Black Copper Butterflies

You can easily farm black fire butterflies in the soldiers' camp in front of Ensis Castle. There are always groups of three butterflies flying in the air between the tents here, which you can collect.

Finding Messmer’s embers

You can also find Messmer's Embers on the ground in one of the tents in the soldiers' camp in front of Ensis Castle. Collect them, rest at the Place of Mercy and farm the resource until you have enough.

Find oven faces

Furnace Faces are rare drops from Messmer Soldiers near Furnace Golem Remains. In addition, each fire golem killed leaves behind a furnace face as loot. In addition, follow the Hornhold Crone's quest, as she will give you scorpion stews as you progress. Give one of these stews to the Horn Herald, who is standing at the three-way intersection at the beginning and later at the crossroads of the high road. In return, he will give you three oven faces.

We have marked other unique locations of oven faces on the following map:

1&2: Inside the run-down rest stop.3: In a chest in the torture chamber of the Fortress of Rebuke.4-7: To the right of the entrance to the Shadow Keep, around the remains of the Furnace Golem.8-13: You can find a furnace face on each of the furnace golem remains in this area. You can get to this area by entering the stone coffin in the sewers of the Shadow Keep.Finding heavy cracked pots

You may have already found some heavy cracked pots in the main game. There are eight more locations to find in the DLC. All of them are marked on the map below.

On a corpse in the charred ruins on the Graveyard level.Inside the Belurat Dungeon, northwest on the Graveyard level.In the western area of ​​the Shadow Keep. Take the elevator down to the left in the sample storage to find the pot on a corpse on one of the beds in the great hall. In the same room you will also find an Iris of Mercy.Inside a house in Bonny Village.Also in Bonny Village, on a corpse on one of the large pots.Run south in Bonny Village over the rope bridge to reach the Bonny Dungeon. Inside you will find another pot.At the very south of the Cerulean Shore. On the peninsula an ogre will throw pots at you. Kill him to get a pot.Inside the Plaintiff's Dungeon. You can access it northwest on the Cerulean Shore.

Find & defeat all 8 Furnace Golems

Now craft as many heavy oven pots as possible and you are ready to hunt the oven golems. Another tip: The Companion Vessel talisman increases the damage of throwing pots by 20%. So equip it if you have it from the main game. In the linked guide we also show the exact location.

Below we show you the locations of all eight fire golems. Each of them drops a furnace face and a crystal tear for the miraculous medicine.

Fire Golem at the Scorched Ruins

You can't miss this furnace golem, as it's hard to miss shortly after the DLC begins. Save your throwing pots here, as there are no elevations on the flat area from which you can stand above the golem. Its legs are unarmored, so you can attack it with your weapons as usual.

Fire Golem east of the Cathedral of Manus Metyr

Between Bonny Village and the Cathedral of Manus Metyr, you will inevitably pass this fire golem. Its legs are armored and directly to the west you will see a spirit spring that leads to a raised area. From here you can throw the oven pots at the golem. However, you have to keep moving here. There is hardly any space on the raised area and the golem will constantly shoot fireballs at you.

Fire Golem in front of the Shadow Keep

You won't be able to miss this golem either. On the main path to the Shadow Keep, he will come towards you through the soldiers' camp. There are also many soldiers patrolling this area, which makes this fight very difficult. The golem's legs are unarmored, but it's best to draw his aggro and then run to the western elevation. From here you can throw the oven pots at him.

Fire Golem at the Ruins of Unte

If you hit the wall on the right in the room with one of the paintings in the sewers of the Shadow Keep, it will disappear and you will reach a stone coffin that will take you to the castle's watering hole. Here you can see an inactive fire golem sitting in front of the entrance to the ruins of Unte. Climb onto the building to the left and throw a fire pot or furnace pot at the golem so that it is activated and stands up.

This will reveal the entrance to the ruins. You can climb over the destroyed outer walls to the gate where the golem is standing. From here you can quickly kill the golem with a few oven pots. If he attacks in between, you can always seek shelter in the room next to you.

Fire golem at the castle watering hole

Right next to the ruins of Unte, another furnace golem will rise up as you continue south. It has no armor on its legs and you can kill it here in the classic way, as there is enough room to maneuver. Or you can lure the golem to the spot near the ruins of Unte and kill it in exactly the same way as before.

Fire Golem at Charo's Hidden Tomb

To find this golem, you must first reach the well-hidden area “Charo's Hidden Tomb”. In front of Ensis Castle, follow the path to the southeast and continue up the path to the waypoint at the colonnade. Now don’t run any further up the left side to the high tower, but run along the slope to the right until you reach the “Dragon Pit” dungeon. You have to cross this to get to the other side.

A dragon fight awaits you at the crossroads. To the right you will come to the altar of dragon communion. Make your way over the giant dragon carcass to enter the area behind it with the many red flowers. Continue along the path and you will reach Charo's hidden grave. From here, keep walking towards the west and you will see the golem from afar.

This golem has armored legs, so use the ghost spring to the west of him to get up to the raised area. From here you can throw the oven pots at him.

Fire Golem on the River Ellac

There is another golem patrolling the Ellac River just before you reach the sky-blue bank in the south of the map. Its legs are unarmored and you can kill it in the conventional way. It is even easier from Charo's hidden tomb, however, as this area is above it. So follow the instructions from the golem before to reach the region.

From the Place of Mercy, walk straight ahead north along the cliff. Here you can see the golem below you on the right. He runs forward a little and then stops. From the edge of the cliff, you can simply throw oven pots at him.

Fire Golem at the Ancient Ruins of Rauh

You will automatically encounter this golem during the course of the main story. Shortly before the seal tree in the ancient ruins of Rauh, it rises in the western part and shoots at you from afar while you ride over a bridge. Ignore it at first and run past it further west to the waterfall above it. From here it's easy and you can throw oven pots at it.