Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree – Complete the Hornhold Crone Quest

The Hornhold Crone is a supporting character in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree and you first meet her in the tower settlement of Belurat. You can complete a small quest with her in which she gives you various items. We'll show you how to complete the Hornhold Crone's quest in our walkthrough.

Find storage room key

The Hornhold Crone is located in a locked storage room in the Belurat Tower Settlement west of the three-way intersection. In Belurat, first fight your way to the Place of Grace “Small Private Altar”. After the Place of Mercy you can walk across the bridge on the left to reach the locked storage room.


You will find the right storage room key if you run outside to the right after the Place of Mercy (a horn warrior is patrolling here). Then run to the left, where you will come to a destroyed path that is interrupted by a waterfall. You have to run around the building on the right to get to the waterfall. Here you can go into a building on the right and climb up a ladder. Once you have reached the top, you will find the Key on the corpse to the left of you on the wall.

Talk to Hornhold-Greisin

With the key you can now enter the storage room and speak to the Hornhold crone. She will not be friendly to you, however. You can leave her alone or attack her. If you attack her, she will send homing skulls after you, so be careful.

Don't worry: you can't kill them no matter how many times you hit them. How you behave towards her also doesn't matter for the course of the quest.

Important NOTE: You can only complete the first steps of the quest until you defeat Messmer in the Shadow Keep. After this boss fight, she will no longer speak to you!


After the boss “Dancing Lion”

Now first defeat the dancing lion at the end of the tower settlement of Belurat. You will receive the “Divine Beast Head” as loot. You have to equip this and then talk to the Hornhold crone again. She will now be much friendlier to you and will reward you with the “Watchful Spirit” invocation. With this you can now summon homing skulls.

Then reload the area and speak to the Hornhold Elder again. She will now give you an additional Scorpion stew This consumable temporarily increases your resistance to physical damage and gradually restores HP. If you use up the Scorpion Stew, you can always get a new one from her. However, she will never give you more than one at once.

A notice: After defeating the Dancing Lion, you can now finally kill the Hornhold Crone by attacking her. She will leave behind another Scorpion Stew if you choose to do so.

After the boss “Messmer”

Defeat Messmer in the Shadow Keep north of Scadu Altus and then return to the Hornhold Crone. She will now give you an improved version of scorpion stew. After reloading the area, the old woman will finally fall asleep and you will no longer be able to interact with her. You can collect one last scorpion stew next to her. This will end the quest.