Edia releases “Cosmic Fantasy COLLECTION 2” for Nintendo Switch today

Edia <3935> announced today, December 14, 2023, that it has released the software “Cosmic Fantasy COLLECTION 2” for Nintendo Switch.



■Overview of “Cosmic Fantasy COLLECTION 2”

We have received many requests for a sequel since the first game was announced, and for the first time we have reprinted three titles that had not been ported to other hardware or reprinted since then.

The three sequel titles that conclude the “Cosmic Fantasy series” are PC Engine SUPER CD-ROM² version “Cosmic Fantasy 3: Adventure Boy Ray”, “Cosmic Fantasy 4: Legend of the Galactic Boys: Invasion Edition”, and “Cosmic Fantasy 4: Legend of the Galactic Boys: Fierce Battle Edition” ” has been completely ported for Nintendo Switch as it was back then.

The abundant visual scenes, the powerful voices of the voice actors, and beautiful animations enliven the game, and this work also adds a new “save anywhere” function, making the story even more enjoyable.

I hope you enjoy the sad love story between the hero and heroine and the touching ending, which is perfect for the final chapter of the series.


The download version and English version of “Cosmic Fantasy COLLECTION 2” will be announced separately.


■Cosmic Fantasy COLLECTION 2 Special Edition Overview

In order to respond to the requests of fans, we have prepared a luxurious special edition for this work as well. This is the first reprint of the three titles, including a variety of BGM that befits Telenet’s name in terms of graphics and music, as well as an original soundtrack CD containing unused songs. The package includes a complete strategy book, a comic version of “Cosmic Fantasy” which is a reprint of the original comics from that time, and luxurious bonuses.

[Included contents]
・Nintendo Switch software “Cosmic Fantasy COLLECTION 2”
・Soundtrack CD
・Complete strategy book for recorded titles
・Original comic “Cosmic Fantasy”


▼Cosmic Fantasy COLLECTION 2 Trailer


■Product overview

Title: “Cosmic Fantasy COLLECTION 2”
Release date: December 14, 2023
Genre: Visual RPG
Number of players: 1 person
CERO rating: C (for ages 15 and older)
Compatible models: Nintendo Switch
Suggested retail price: Regular version ¥7,800 (¥8,580 including tax) Limited edition ¥16,800 (¥18,480 including tax)


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