Ed Sheeran will build a crypt on his plot of land. This could be his burial place

Ed Sheeran surprises with a new investment. It has been known for a long time that the popular singer invests his savings in real estate. British media reports that the musician has already decided on which of the plots he has to build his crypt. I’m talking about the estate "Sheeranville"where he plans to build a private church. Sheeran Builds Vault In “Sheeranville” Ed Sheeran invests money earned from records and concerts at real estate. According to the British media, the 30-year-old already has 27 properties around the world. However, only one place is of particular importance to him, and that is the enormous country plot in Suffolk which the musician called “Sheeranville” or “Sheeran’s Village”. The approximately £ 3.7 million mansion is a private retreat for him. Currently, there are five residential houses, a soccer field, an indoor swimming pool, an underground music room, a treehouse and a private pub. According to the Daily Mail, this will probably be the singer’s place, because he decided to build a crypt there. The property will be expanded with a private church and Sheeran’s tomb will be under its floor. The shape of the temple will be unusual – the star dreamed of a boat-shaped facade. Read also: Ed Sheeran has found a way to annoying neighbors. He just bought their houses. Construction started some time ago, the main part of the building is already standing, and now a tower is being built. It is to be a place not only for prayer and contemplation, but also for family celebrations such as baptisms or weddings. The musician has not yet confirmed whether it will be his burial place. The website emphasizes that Ed Sheeran has put a piece of his fortune in Sheeranville. In addition to the £ 3.7 million for which he bought the property, he has already spent another £ 3 million extensively renovating and expanding the property, with an additional £ 500,000 costing him to dig a lake and build a soccer field. Embed: Read also – internal link is loading post … See original

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