Early Access to Free Content: A Delightful Opportunity!

Monster Hunter Wilds hasn't arrived yet and it's already offering free content, and it's so cute. Find out how to recover it easily.

This is one of the announcements that marked Summer Game Fest 2024. Monster Hunter Wilds revealed itself in trailers that are eye-popping. We obviously can't wait to discover this new iteration of Capcom's cult franchise. However, we will have to wait at least until 2025 to hope to play it… That said, we could well get a taste of it. In fact, the publisher has everything planned to please fans with free content to collect now.


A bit of Monster Hunter Wilds before its time

Capcom is full of licenses that are very popular in the world of video games. If Resident Evil is probably the most famous, another is increasingly competing in the West. Monster Hunter was initially a hit mainly on the other side of the globe, before conquering a much wider audience. Now, everyone is eagerly waiting for the new iteration of the franchise.

However, even though Monster Hunter Wilds has finally shown some gameplay, the game isn't expected to arrive until next year. To make us wait, Capcom is determined to reward players who already know the license. So, if you link your backup data from Monster Hunter World and, if you have it, from the Iceborne expansion you will receive a bonus for Palico, the adorable Felyne who assists you in your adventure. Each time it is a set of armor and a Felyne weapon:

  • Monster Hunter World: the Felyne Leather set and the Felyne Acorn Shovel
  • Monster Hunter World — Iceborne: the Felyne Fur set and the Felyne Tracker Pickaxe

The publisher makes it clear that the offer is valid on all platforms. That is to say, if you have save data on your machine or in the cloud, whether you are playing on PC, PS5 or Xbox Series, you will be able to recover these special skins. However, a condition must be met Everytime. Indeed, you must have sufficiently advanced in the main game or in its expansion, as indicated on the official website of the game :

  • In Monster Hunter World: you must have created the hunter and Palico characters
  • In Iceborne: you must at least speak to the character “Quarrel of the Fifth”, located near the entrance to Astera, then arrive in the Ancient Forest.