EA Sports F1 24 will shake up gaming on PS, Xbox, PC! – Next Stage

The new installment of the iconic racing saga, EA Sports F1 24, has just been officially announced by Electronic Arts and Codemasters. Attracting the attention of speed enthusiasts around the world, this new edition promises an imminent release on several platforms, bringing with it its share of new features and improvements. Scheduled for May 31, EA Sports F1 24 will be available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC, marking intergenerational continuity appreciated by fans.

What's new and main features of ea sports f1 24

In this new version, EA Sports F1 24 stands out for the introduction of new features and the improvement of its game mechanics, designed to enrich the racing simulation experience. “Unleash your winning spirit” and “EA SPORTS Dynamic Handling” stand out as the two main innovations, highlighting redesigned gameplay and more authentic driving management. The promise is that of total immersion, where racing strategy and personal driving style take on a decisive dimension.


In addition to these gameplay advances, attention is also focused on personalizing the player experience. Thanks to precise adjustments to the game's physics, each driver can expect driving that closely matches their preferences, a major asset for those seeking to distinguish themselves in the competition. This renewal in the way of approaching driving and strategy promises to captivate newbies and series regulars alike.

Available editions and pre-order benefits

EA Sports F1 24 comes in two main editions: the Standard Edition and the Champions Edition, the latter offering exclusive benefits. For fans wanting to access the game before anyone else, the Champions Edition is the ideal option with its three days of early access. The two versions offer different prices depending on the platform, with a slight price preference for PC players.

The pre-order benefits don't stop there. The Standard Edition includes the base game, 5000 Pit Coin and an F1 World Starter Pack. As for the Champions Edition, it enriches the offer with, in addition to early access, special events with unique rewards, a three-month subscription to F1 TV Pro for certain territories, 18,000 PitCoins, a VIP Podium Pass, as well as as well as new icons for “My Team” mode and an F1 World defense pack. For those who would like optimize their experience from the launch, these editions offer significant incentives.

Booking conditions

Booking EA Sports F1 24 is already possible on Steam, where players can choose between the standard and Champions Edition versions. This not only ensures access to the game as soon as it is released, but also allows you to benefit from the various bonuses linked to the pre-order. For fans looking for a competitive edge or simply wishing to immerse themselves in the world of F1 with additional benefits, pre-ordering represents an opportunity not to be missed.


To know more

For fans of the franchise and players keen to learn more about EA Sports F1 24, a teaser has already been revealed, with a full announcement planned for April. This hints at more information to come, potentially around the circuits, teams and drivers included in this edition, as well as innovations in graphics and user interface. For those looking to get a exclusive advantage on EA SPORTS FC 24, you can find out how to get your free TOTY via Twitch by visiting this page.

Anticipation therefore builds as the release date approaches, projecting EA Sports F1 24 into the spotlight. This new opus, promising realism and innovations, arouses curiosity as much as it arouses impatience among Formula 1 enthusiasts. With its special editions and its promises of redesigned gameplay, EA Sports F1 24 lends itself to becoming a must-have of the genre . So, fans around the globe are counting down the days to the green flag, ready to dive into the colorful adventure of Formula 1.

Dive into the world of F1

EA Sports F1 24 isn't just a game; it’s a gateway to the thrilling world of Formula 1, offering a digital experience that extends far beyond the living room sofa. With a release planned for the end of May, budding drivers and seasoned tacticians will have the chance to experience their passion for racing on a whole new level. As the countdown continues, the fan community remains in suspense, ready to embrace all the surprises this new edition is ready to unveil.