Duckworld: A Unique Blend of Fortnite and Palworld

The publisher tinyBuild revealed Ducksidea Fortnite-style survival game that features ducks.

What is the worst day to announce a product? Certainly April 1st, especially when it doesn't appear to be very serious. This warning did not prevent the publisher tinyBuild from revealing the game Duckside to this date. And when you look at his pitch, it's hard not to believe at first that it's a farce: a survival experience in which you play a duck. Nevertheless, Duckside hasa Steam page for several days and benefits from the support of the media IGN.


Duckside is a persistent world survival game with crafting, base building, PvE, PVP and, since you're a duck, flying phases. Upgrade your weapons and base to defend yourself against enemy attacks, on servers supporting up to 50 participants ”, says the description. It is possible to register for a beta which should begin on April 18, only on PC.

From the corner to the war

When we look at the images of Ducksidewe immediately think of Palworld, a phenomenon from the beginning of 2024 which is a pastiche of Pokémon and is also based on survival mechanics. We find this same crazy argument and this desire to tend towards satire. There is also a little hint of explanation on the why and how: “ More than ten million ducks are killed by hunters each year, a statistic that could be lower if ducks were trained to fight », Indicate the developers.

Duckside // Source: tinyBuild
Ducks with hats and AK-47s // Source: tinyBuild

As for gameplay, Duckside does not seem to revolutionize a genre that is particularly fashionable at the moment. The ability to fly naturally still adds verticality. There is even a highlighting of this specificity, with the promise of “ Sophisticated flight mechanics allow you to glide, hover, accelerate and dive, all while aiming and shooting. » Duckside will perhaps make the difference on this, as long as the physics engine honors the typical movements of ducks (which do not move like humans with their tendency to waddle).

Duckside // Source: tinyBuildDuckside // Source: tinyBuild
There is construction in Duckside // Source: tinyBuild

Note that the universe of Duckside will also be populated by a few humans (we see some in the trailer). They won't be there to help the ducks and will add a little spice to a game openly compared to DayZ and to Rust. Will the opportunity to play as a duck be enough to convince players when the market is saturated? Nothing is less sure. But no one would have bet on the massive success of Palworld before its launch.