Drawsko County. The Asian Rysica was running on the road and calling. A car hit her cubs nearby

A female lynx named Asiatic was running on the road near the Drawski Landscape Park. The Forest Guard and members of the West Pomeranian Nature Society made sure that she did not run under the car. As naturalists say, she was looking for her child, who died under the wheels of a car during the night.

During the night from Wednesday to Thursday, a knocked down lynx kitten was found on the road from Złocieniec towards Wierzchowo (West Pomeranian Voivodeship). As Maciej Tracz from the West Pomeranian Nature Society told us, the lynx was two months old.

– It’s an Asian kitten. This is a kitten released 2.5 years ago. She is amazing. She already had many kittens. When they are sick, he brings them to our care, the naturalist told us.

The Asian is looking for her kitten near the roadAndrzej Bejger

On Thursday afternoon, it turned out that the Asian woman was running near the place where the dead lynx was found. – He runs onto the road, looking for this kitten – reported Tracz.

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Rysica posed a threat to herself and the drivers, so the Forest Guard and ZTP employees made sure that a tragedy did not occur. After a few hours, the kitten left the road.

Little lynx shot, dead bison

This is another case of the death of a protected animal in the Westpomeranian Region in recent weeks.

On September 16, we informed about finding the shot kittens of another lynx – Cleo II, several weeks old. The female European bison has recently suffered a similar fate. Tracz also reports that this week the carcasses of two bison bulls were found – both were lying near the hunting pulpits. One of them had his head cut off.

Main photo source: Andrzej Bejger