Dragon Ball Sparking! Zero: October 2024

With every additional trailer and bit of information, fans hope for a release date for “Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero”. So far, however, in vain. Now, however, a new leak may have revealed a possible release date.

Since the official announcement of Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero” Fans are wondering when the anime fighting game could be released. In the past few weeks, publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment has revealed more and more information about the game, for example first gameplay footage and new ones playable characters, but there was no release date yet. Now, however, the game's release date may have been leaked.


At least if we follow the data miner's findings SergioM3 (via Dragon Ball Super France) can believe. He probably managed to access Bandai Namco's database and stumbled upon a possible release date for the game. If his information is correct, “Dragon Ball: Sparking!” Zero” on October 1, 2024 appear in stores. However, it is also conceivable that this date is just a placeholder.

Would a release in October 2024 be realistic?

But what could speak for a possible release of the game in October 2024? Well, so far all parts of the “Sparking” series, which we in the West know as “Budokai Tenkaichi”, have been released in Japan. in October. So Bandai Namco would stay true to its line, so to speak. The publisher has not yet officially commented on this.

In addition, the of Akira Toriyama created “Dragon Ball” franchise this year its 40th anniversary. Of course, a birthday like this has to be celebrated in a big way, which is why we are celebrating this year “Dragon Ball Daima” A new anime series about Son Goku, Vegeta and their friends is expected. The show's premiere is already confirmed for October 2024. A timely release of “Sparking! Zero” would therefore certainly make sense.

You want to be prepared for Dragon Ball: Sparking! Get Zero in the mood for the intense action of the brawling game? Then take another look at the anime series Dragon Ball Super:


The creators of “Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero” promise a real further development of the series with the title. That's why fans can look forward to all sorts of things Adjustments and improvements be happy. In order to get even closer to the fast and brutal action of the anime template, the movement speed was increased, for example.

There are also various new mechanics that are intended to give you new options both offensively and defensively. These include, for example, “Skill Count” and the “Revenge Counter”. The former allows you to carry out special actions when an associated meter has filled up enough. Thanks to the latter mechanic, you can carry out a powerful counterattack while your character takes a hit.

Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero is in development for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC (via Steam). The anime fighting game doesn't officially have a release date yet.

Do you want a release of “Dragon Ball: Sparking!” Zero” in October 2024?

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