Downloading Netflix series on Windows will no longer be possible

Netflix confirms that an upcoming update to its Windows application will end the ability to download movies and series – and therefore watch them offline.

This is one of Netflix's strengths, and has been for years: thanks to an offline mode, you can download films and series to watch them without an Internet connection. Useful for building up a small stock of content in advance, if you know that you are going to find yourself in an area with poor or no network coverage.


Netflix movies and series offline on Windows, no more

But that was before. For people using Windows application of the streaming platform, this functionality will disappear. This is what the site learned Windows Latest on May 14. An official SVOD site support page confirms this development. The changeover must take place during the month of June, during a software update.

netflix android
There remains the mobile app for downloading offline content. // Source : Cottonbro Studio

A new Netflix app for Windows will be available soon. It will support live events, support ad-supported offerings and more. Downloads will no longer be supportedbut you will still be able to watch shows and movies offline on a supported mobile device. »

This change only concerns Windows systems — other applications on the Streaming platform are currently not affected and there is no guarantee that they will be. Offline downloads of movies and series on Android and iOS are still possible. Mac is not affected, because there simply is no dedicated app.

Source: Numerama EditingSource: Numerama Editing