Dormitory Fire in China Possibly Caused by Power Bank, No Issues with Smoke Detector Alarming

Gamingdeputy reported on May 27 that on May 25, Beijing Chaoyang Fire Department issued a warning notice:

At 6:18 on May 25, 2024, the 119 Command Center received an alarm.A fire broke out on the first floor of Zhonglan Apartment in Chaoyang Districtfire rescue forces were immediately dispatched to the scene, and the fire was extinguished at 6:39. After preliminary verification, the burning object was the bed in the room, and there were no casualties. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

The fire department reminds: As summer approaches, pay attention to fire safety, pay attention to the safety of fire and electricity use at home, master the common sense of fire prevention, fire fighting, escape and self-rescue, and in case of emergency, please call 119 to report the incident.

In the comment area below the notice, many popular comments indicated that the fire started atCommunication University of Chinaand some netizens said that “smoke alarms are not/useless” and “fire escapes are closed all year round”.


In response, Communication University of China issued a “Letter to Students” in the early morning of May 26, stating that “After preliminary investigation, it is suspected that the power bank caused the open fire in the dormitory“, and denied rumors such as “the smoke detector did not alarm” and “the fire hydrant failed to work”. Gamingdeputy attached the full text as follows:



At 6:11 am on May 25, the school's fire control center received a smoke alarm signal from a smoke detector in a dormitory on the first floor of Zone D of Phase I of Zhonglan Student Apartments. The school's fire and security personnel rushed to the scene to deal with the situation and called the 119 emergency number at the same time.

After receiving the alarm, Chaoyang Fire Department quickly dispatched forces to the scene to deal with the situation. At 6:39, the fire in the dormitory was extinguished. No one was trapped or injured at the scene. After preliminary investigation, it was suspected that the power bank caused the fire in the dormitory.

This fire has brought a lot of inconvenience to many students' study and life, and we feel deeply guilty. At present, all departments of the school are working hard to deal with the follow-up related work and do their utmost to reduce the impact of this fire on students. We will take this as a warning, carefully check various fire safety hazards, and deal with any problems found in a timely manner without any tolerance.

We noticed some rumors about the fire on the Internet, such as “the smoke detector did not sound an alarm” and “the fire hydrant failed to work”. In fact, the dormitory area did not have the above problems, because the smoke alarm was used to send an alarm to the school's central control room, which received the smoke alarm signal and immediately initiated emergency measures, and the fire hydrant was fully functional. At the same time, we received many suggestions from students on improving fire protection through the “CCTU with Me” platform for suggestions and advice. We will study them carefully and make improvements.

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that the fire that occurred outside the north gate of the Bangzijing dormitory area of ​​Communication University of China last year has attracted particular concern from many friends in the society. We have been working with relevant departments to urge them to pay attention to fire safety. Thank you for your concern!

If you have any difficulties, please contact your counselor or college secretary at any time 24 hours a day. The teachers are always with you.

Security Department of Communication University of China

The “fire that occurred outside the north gate of the Bangzijing dormitory area of ​​Communication University of China last year” mentioned in the official announcement refers to the fire that broke out at the Cainiao Station next to the Bangzijing student apartment of Communication University of China on the evening of November 14 last year. According to Beijing News Radio, eyewitness students revealed that the fire started at about 22:10 and was only about 10 meters away from the nearest dormitory building.

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