Doppelganger Destiny Gundam and Decade-Long Star Destroyer Project Headline Hachiten 2024!

A model exhibition will be held over two days, June 15th (Sat) and 16th (Sun) at the Tokyo Tama Future Messe in Hachioji, Tokyo.“Eight Exhibitions”The exhibition was held in Tokyo on June 20th. Admission is free. Since its first exhibition in 2015,The aim is to hold a large-scale exhibition in the Tama area of ​​Tokyo..

Not manufacturer-led,HIDE-K@FINAL_STAGEThis exhibition, organized by is a community event for plastic model fans, but the participants are also diverse. There are people who have won competitions, modelers who contribute examples to model magazines, people who are active in model clubs, and amateur modelers who have honed their skills and are exhibiting their works for the first time.It was an ambitious model exhibition that attracted a wide range of people..


In addition, several model-related product manufacturers were also supporting the event, and there was a merchandise section at the venue, making it seem like a fairly full-scale event. This time, we will be introducing a selection of some of the impressive works that were on display at the venue.

◆ A collection of masterpieces from all over the world will be gathered in Hachioji! From Gunpla to Dunbine, Eva, and figurines, everything will be on display.

Upon entering, you will see the elaborately crafted Freedom Gundam right in front of you. It carefully incorporates the creator's interpretation, making you excited for the rest of the exhibition.
The contrast between the white and the vivid sky blue is cool! The aircraft is the Lord Astray Omega
This is the Psycho Gundam on display…
Chiikawa and Hachiware are stored inside…!
A huge 1/35 scale Zeta Plus made from plastic sheet
Perhaps due to the influence of “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM,” the Z'Gok is still popular!
A diorama featuring Dunbine and Leprechaun. It's dynamic.
This one is also very impressive!
The volume of the Full Armor ZZ Gundam's armor is great.
The trio whose stock has been rising recently thanks to the movie version.
It fits nicely inside the Z'Gok
Some booths display the works while also introducing the paints used in them.
Modelers who are exhibiting their works are often on hand to offer advice.
The texture of the Evangelion Unit 01 is irresistible. It exudes ferocity…
The venue is lined with countless works, and the sight is truly spectacular.
The eye-catching Japanese pattern of Gurren Lagann is apparently the result of masking.
Also included is a 1/1 scale facehugger from the movie “Alien.”
It's OK to touch the facehugger
A friend who was there helped me take the photos.
This is a huge Vampire Ox with a total length of 475mm. This is a model that was featured in a model magazine.
The atmosphere is so refined that you don't even notice any unnecessary details. This is the skill of a professional…
Fei-Yen and the others from “Cyber ​​Troopers Virtual-On” are on display in a unique way.
The writer also loves the Xi Gundam from “Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway's Flash.” I kinda want one.
This Asshimar was made by combining plastic models of different scales. The mono-eye is equipped with an LED.
The Hygogg diorama also had quite a presence at the venue.
I wonder how long it took to make this.
The impression is that all the aircraft at this booth are of a high standard.
Even just looking at one decal, you can see how careful they were.
There will also be a booth for the “Front Mission” series!
Small scale but fine detail
Garage kit of Prinz Eugen from “Azur Lane”
A scene from the comic “Mobile Suit Gundam F91” was recreated. The exhibitor said, “There's a lot to learn from this exhibition, so it's fun.”
Kinniku-kun Nakayama, who seems to have been placed in place of Kinjiro Ninomiya
Destiny Gundam is a split-personality
Apparently the exhibitor worked on painting right up until the early hours of the first day of the exhibition and then went straight to work. Amazing toughness!
A huge Star Destroyer, 90cm long, being made from paper and stainless steel paper. It took nearly 10 years to complete, and fellow model enthusiasts call it a “Sagrada Familia.”
Deformed Uma Musume
I found a Shining Gundam that looks great in photos and has impressive paintwork.
There are also special effects exhibits
A corner with a unique worldview
Anime painting is a hot topic these days. When I see a photo of it, my brain goes haywire.
Many people must have felt the getter rays.
It seems like a whole worldview is created in my mind with just one work.
The base of this masterpiece is also carefully crafted. The water and moss are realistically depicted.
The “Warhammer” series, which is also known as a game, was also spotted. It seems that many users are captivated by its worldview.
The exhibits are not just about characters.

What I felt after seeing this exhibition was,Among the participants were many relatively young modelers, and even though they were still students, they were producing some truly amazing works..


In addition, these fan-led exhibitions are a place where modelers can interact with each other, develop ideas and techniques, and hone their crafting skills.It has been decided that the event will be held again next year in 2025.Even just visiting this event will inspire your creativity, so if you're interested, why not check it out next year in 2025?

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