DOFUS: Temporis 8 progression tree and Tempotons

Osatopia 2 brings a new progression tree for your Tempotons rewards. Although it is less full than previous editions, its content remains very interesting throughout your adventure. Dofus on Temporis 8.

Distribution of Tempotons by success on Temporis 8

In previous editions, doing quests really wasn’t profitable. In fact, there is now no longer any achievement requiring you to do so. The main thing will be to do as many dungeons as possible, capture altered people and go searching for Avis and Archmonsters. Have fun without any hassle to accumulate the maximum number of Tempotons. Also note that the total accumulation of rewards far exceeds the 3500 tokens required. So, you don’t have to do all the Dofus content. Go wherever you want, with friends if possible.

CategoryTotal in TempotonsEarnings per success
Achievement PointsWaiting for servers to openWaiting for servers to open
MonstersThe rewards are already available belowThe rewards are already available below
Wanted poster
Let’s run by categories of success

To follow a “classic” progression of content on Dofus, the editorial staff offers you an optimized progression guide. However, be careful not to overload yourself with quests. Only do them if the reward is worth the struggle!


All rewards for Temporis VIII achievements

The Osatopia 2 progression tree will ask you to collect 3500 tempotons. From experience in previous editions, you don’t even have to reach level 200. As usual, the timeline and its interface will help you accumulate a familiar Overpowering, characteristic scrolls, kamas and even this time Altered ! This time he will benefit from better pod and prospecting bonuses.

Once the servers are closed, you will be able to recover all of your ceremonial items, titles and pets on classic servers. This is not the case for Altered or boost consumables.

Let’s temptReward
10Title Diploma (unknown)
20Troud’worm Potion
30Accelerating Scroll
40Splashes (Altered)
50Familiar (Bouktin)
60Super Bonbon Frez’Tin (+240% XP for 200 minutes)
80Accelerating Scroll
1003x Purse of 20,000 Kamas
120Ceremonial cloak
140Super Bonbon Frez’Tin
160Accelerating Scroll
190Momarto (Altered)
220Pet (Bouktin 2)
250Shigekax Mirabelle
280Accelerating Scroll
310Super Bonbon Frez’Tin
340Ceremonial Headdress
370Shigekax Mirabelle
400Accelerating Scroll
430Super Bonbon Frez’Tin
460Pet (Bouktin 3)
4905x Purse of 20,000 Kamas
520Accelerating Scroll
550Super Bonbon Frez’Tin
580Ceremonial Shield
610Parazig (Altered)
650Accelerating Scroll
6902x Shigekax Mirabelle
730Pet (Bouktin 4)
770Super Bonbon Frez’Tin
810Accelerating Scroll
85025x Purse of 20,000 Kamas
890Attitude (Kroma?)
930Super Bonbon Frez’Tin
970Accelerating Scroll
1010Vrombilette License
1050Montilier (Grobuktin 1)
1090Super Bonbon Frez’Tin
1130Accelerating Scroll
1170Javache (Altered)
1210Formal Costume
1250Super Bonbon Frez’Tin
1300Accelerating Scroll
135050x Purse of 20,000 Kamas
1400Montilier (Grobuktin 2)
1450Unlimited Dimensional Potions Box
1500Accelerating Scroll
1550Super Bonbon Frez’Tin
1600Follower character ring (linked to your starter?)
1650Ultimate Kibble Bag
1700Accelerating Scroll
1750Super Bonbon Frez’Tin
1800Montilier (Grobuktin 3)
1850Altered unknown
1900Accelerating Scroll
1950100x Purse of 20,000 Kamas
2000Another Starter
2060Super Bonbon Frez’Tin
2130Accelerating Scroll
22102x Shigekax Mirabelle
2300Montilier (Grobuktin 4)
2400Ultimate Kibble Bag
2500Accelerating Scroll
26503x Shigekax Mirabelle
2800Montilier (Grobuktin 5)
3000Confirmed Bestiologist Certificate
The following rewards are a guess (announcement video cuts)
3050Accelerating Scroll
3250250x Purse of 20,000 Kamas
3500Title diploma…
All the stages of this special Osamodas edition