Does the Amazon series contradict the RPG New Vegas?

An at first glance inconspicuous detail in the Amazon series “Fallout” is currently causing heated discussions among fans. Did the showrunners make a mistake?

Exactly a week ago we celebrated the new series “Fallout” made her widely celebrated debut on the streaming service Amazon Prime Video. The great hype also affected the games in Bethesda's legendary RPG series and gave it an incredible boost.


Despite all the euphoria, there are also some points that the fans don't particularly like. One detail in particular is currently causing heated discussions. The now 14-year-old plays Fallout: New Vegas an important role.

Did Amazon make a mistake with the Fallout series?

At this point there is first a little spoiler alertbecause there is some information in the message the later episodes of the series “Fallout” happen.

Specifically, it's about a scene in which it is said that the famous “Fall of Shady Sands” took place in the year 2277. By the way, the events of the Amazon series are set in the year 2296.

At first glance, this information seems to contradict the role-playing game “Fallout: New Vegas”. Its story takes place in the year 2281, but Shady Sands is completely intact there. There are no traces of annihilation by an atomic bomb. As a result, many fans have wondered whether the showrunners of the Amazon series may have made a mistake.


Bethesda explains everything

The discussions were calling Todd Howard from developer Bethesda on the plan, who worked on both the games and the Amazon series. In an interview with colleagues from IGN He first explained that all events from the games would definitely belong to the canon of the series.

This also applies to the “Shady Sands case”. The mention of the year 2277 should therefore not be associated with the nuclear attack, but with another, devastating event.

“We’re cautious about the timeline,” Howard said. “There might be a little confusion in places. But everything that happened in the previous games, including New Vegas, happened. We are very careful about that.”

He added that “all I can say is that we're tightening things up there, but the bombs are dropping right after the events of New Vegas.” So the angry fans can calm down.

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