Does DokeV kill the Pokémon clone? Community Manager responds

The success of Palworld The beginning of the year was unprecedentedly surprising. Even though the biggest hype has died down for now, Studio Pocketpair's game is still very popular with over 100,000 daily players on Steam in the last month.


The question may arise as to which game could have similar success. Monster collecting fun in an open world, only this time the creatures are perhaps less obvious Pokemon are coppered, in addition brightly colored art style and a groovy K-pop soundtrack? And while we're on the subject of hype, maybe a pinch GTA? Here comes DokeV in the game.

Palworld killer? “That means you're doing a good job.”

With a small gameplay video, DokeV was recently called a Palworld killer on Twitter. Takuro Mizobe, CEO of Pocketpair even commented: “Please don't kill Palworld.How serious this concern is for him remains to be seen, because on the one hand the in-game material shown is several years old and on the other hand there is no sign of a release for DokeV. The makers of the survival crafting adventure probably don't have to be afraid of a direct competitor at the moment.

However, Bucky, Community Manager at Palworld, also posts this on Twitter Ask, why a fight always has to break out when games are even similar. “Games cannot coexist. “You only have the attention span for one game,” Bucky recited to a fictional crowd of Twitter users. Even though he identified the video as old footage, he admitted: “DokeV still looks fantastic. I hope it pops up again soon; it has a great soundtrack.”


Truly no words that one a potential competitor would say (unless perhaps you knew not to fear him). Redigit, developer behind the crafting game Terraria, responded saying, “When people throw around terms like Palworld killer, it means you're doing a good job.”

According to the ex-developer, DokeV may not come until 2027

To what extent you even have to deal with a duel between these games is anyone's guess anyway a former Pearl Abyss developerthe studio behind DokeV, recently announced. “The game won’t happen Crimson Desert appear and this in turn will not come out this year.” The Korean developer has just assigned a complete team to this ambitious open world project, “so we don't expect DokeV before 2026 or 2027.”

So whether the funky adventure is just what it takes Pokémon clone clone with a GTA twist or we will already have different standards by 2027 – let's see what happens. Meanwhile, with Pocketpair you can still safely think about whether you Publish Palworld on other platforms want.