Dmitry Kungurov announced his resignation as chief editor of StopGame after five years of work – he has already chosen a replacement

The ex-editor-in-chief decided to take up his own YouTube channel and media production more closely.

  • On his resignation from the post of editor-in-chief Dmitry Kungurov wrote in a blog on the StopGame website. He clarified that this is purely his personal decision and not a hint of cuts.
  • Kungurov decided to start his personal YouTube channel and continue other projects related to the direct production of media.
  • Gennady Vorobyov became the new editor-in-chief of StopGame – before that, he had been writing news for more than seven years. Kungurov called his candidacy ideal, noting that he wanted to choose a person not from the video department as a replacement, since all the processes there are already well established.
  • No changes are planned in the work of StopGame in the near future – on August 18, an AMA session will be held, at which the main questions of users will be answered.

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