Distribution Update for TileOS 1.1

Available corrective release of the distribution TileOS 1.1 “T-Rex”, built on the Debian package base and offering a desktop environment using tiling window managers. TileOS pursues the same goals as the Ubuntu Sway Remix distribution (developed by the same author), offering a ready-to-use interface that does not require additional configuration and is aimed at both experienced Linux users and beginners who want to try out the tiling window manager environment without spending a lot of time on setting it up.

Unlike Ubuntu Sway Remix, TileOS is much more open to changes and customization, and is free of any potential copyright issues (Ubuntu Sway Remix uses registered Canonical trademarks, but there has been no official response to the distribution's inclusion in the official Ubuntu family still not received). For loading prepared builds for the amd64 architecture (in the future, it is planned to provide support for arm64, in particular Raspberry Pi boards). Thanks for reading code of TileOS components available on GitLab.


TileOS focuses on window managers using the Wayland protocol. Desktop editions officially unveiled Sway And Rivereditions with SwayFX (a fork of Sway, supplemented with various desktop effects) and Qtile. The distribution uses the Debian Stable package base, but various improvements, more recent versions of some software and graphics drivers are transferred from the testing branch. In addition, a number of correctionsoptimizing the disk subsystem and memory, and also some improvements from Ubuntu have been transferred, such as mounting disks in the file manager without asking for a password, and others.

In the new release:

  • The package database is synchronized with Debian 12.5;
  • Linux kernel updated to version 6.6.33;
  • The Mesa open source video driver set has been updated to version 23.3.5;
  • Xwayland has been updated to version 23.2.2;
  • PipeWire media server has been updated to release 1.0.7;
  • The following utilities have been added to the repository: wl-mirror (mirroring video outputs), wshowhotkeys (displaying keys pressed on the screen), and gpu-screen-recorder (a high-performance screen recording utility, a functional analogue of Nvidia Shadowplay).

Thanks for reading: