Discovering Aloe: A Guide to Finding this Healing Plant

On Enshrouded, if during the first hours food and potion crafting is absent or very little present, it will become a different story later. In this article, we look at aloe, telling you not only where to find it, but also what you can do with it.

Where to find aloe on Enshrouded?

The first thing we can tell you about aloes on Enshrouded is that you are not going to come across any at the start of your game. Indeed, neither in the starting zone, nor in the Bewitched Woods, you will find this plant. You will have to venture further.


More precisely, you will need to reach the Plateaux Nomades region if you ever want to get your hands on it and before getting started, you will have to make sure you have a flame level of at least 3, a level 4 being able to provide you with greater ease in moving around .

Once that's done, you just have to go to the region indicated to you in red on the map to go looking for aloes. This is not a plant that you will be able to recover from the groundbut rather a small thorny shrub that you will come across.

Once you find one, just chop it down with an ax. Collect your first Aloes leaves this way. It's not huge, but you can already return to camp since there is a method to efficiently farm this resource.

Aloe Enshrouded: Where to find this medicinal resource?

Stock up on aloe and care items

While finding it in the wild can be a bit complex, the most effective way to grow aloe is simply to go to the farmer's office and more precisely its nursery to obtain seeds that you will be able to plant.

For this, you will need 1 aloe leaf, a gourd of water, 1 of sand and finally nitrate. If you don't know how to recover it, we will redirect you to this guide which will tell you what to do. Once all this is in the nursery, you will get 5 aloe seedlings after 10 minutes.

Aloe Enshrouded: Where to find this medicinal resource?

All you have to do then is plant them, harvest part of them and transform the other into seed to make a stock. You will then be able to use this stock to create revitalizing healing potions that will give you 800 HP!

To craft them, go to the alchemist after unlocking the laboratory and you can make them by mixing 1 piece of honey, 1 aloe leaf, 1 chamomile flower and an alchemical base. Here again, if you don't know how to craft it, follow this guide.

In addition to the potion, you can also create a Healing Channel spell by bringing the alchemist 50 lapis lazuli, 10 aloe leaves, 10 chamomile infusions and 10 sage leaves. The good news, is that this fate is eternal and therefore never runs out! Finally, know that you can make an antiseptic by mixing wood acid and an aloe flower.