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“Dip in a glass of water” In

Everything you need to know

PrerequisitesRecommended level: 20
Quests: ” Class Council “
Awards41,277 XP
936 Kamas
Beach Towel x1
Tanning cream x1
Marine Conch x1
Competition Fin x1
LocationAstrub [6,-18]
PredictableCombat (group) x2
Being a Pandawa

Solution to the quest “Dip in a glass of water”
In Dofus

The Pandawas must go to Sel Dawa, in
[6,-18] to start their class quest. He tells you that his niece has strayed from the right path and has become aquatic. A real perjury for her family, since the goddess no longer speaks to her. We must therefore help her find her way back to alcohol, but above all find her. This is how we find ourselves looking for it in 4 different places.


Start by going to [7,-19] not to find it. Then go to [4,-19], but still no trace of the Pandawa near the well. Then go to
[2,-19] to suffer another failure. Finally, go to [3,-16] to find young Regane Dawa in front of a well. By trying to reason with her, a fight will begin. It can be done by several people.

Once the fight is over, return to Sel Dawa in front of the tavern in [6,-18] for him “Recount your brief meeting with Regane”.

Exorcism of the evil spirit

Since she seems possessed by an Akwadala spirit, he sends you to the priest for an exorcism. But before that, enter the tavern to buy a Blessed Beer from Tek Abir. Then go to [2,-14] to meet Nistracolamus and him “Talking about Regane Dawa”. Now that you know the ritual and know what to expect, return to Sel Dawa.

Start with him “Show the blessed Pandatriple and ask where Regane is”. Then go and perform the exorcism in [3,-20] by sprinkling Regane with the blessed beer. At this moment, a fight begins against an Akwadala spirit and can be fought with several people.


With your mind defeated, speak with Regane so that she will thank you for saving her.

All you have to do is return to Sel Dawa to end the quest. “Dip in a glass of water”
on Dofus. Heading to the sewers now to
“It smells like gas”.