Diablo 4: Best ways to level up fast in beta

We are still reeling from last weekend with Diablo 4. Activision Blizzard’s new action-RPG is preparing for another exciting weekend, and this time the open beta will be available to all players, without distinction.

It doesn’t matter that you haven’t pre-ordered the game. All players will be able to download the Diablo IV beta client from digital stores, and start a new adventure in Sanctuary.


Diablo 4, 35 minutes of the beta on PS5!

But be careful, because Broken Heights is a hostile place and plagued by the terrible creatures that serve Lilith. Only the best trained warriors will survive her dangers.

Now that you can rock the open beta of Diablo 4, we show you The best methods to level up fast in the Activision Blizzard RPG.

level up fast

Diablo 4

The Diablo IV open beta allows you to play the prologue and to act 1 of the adventure. That is, to the entire part of Broken Tops in Sanctuary.

You can choose between five classes (two of them new in this second beta): Sorceress, Barbara, Rogue, Necromancer and Druid. In this guide we show you the differences between the first three.

Leveling up is essential in Diablo 4. And you have to take into account two aspects: the first is that there is a limitation (only up to level 25), and the second is that the enemies will be at the same level as you. That is to say, the level system is automatic for your enemies.

Diablo IV is generous when it comes to give you experience (XP), which will level you up. Of course, we recommend you do the following to take less time to climb positions.

Play at a higher global level

Diablo 4

It’s basically the difficulty level of Diablo IV. The higher it is, the more enemies appear and the stronger they are… but you will also get more XP by defeating them. Of course, only the most skilled players are prepared for this challenge.

Diablo 4 features four world levels: Adventurer (I), Veteran (II), Nightmare (III) and Torment (IV). That is, if you choose the highest, you will get more XP by defeating enemies, which will make you level up sooner (but it will cost you more).

play with friends

Diablo 4

You can play the Diablo IV beta alone, but you will get a bonus if you play together. Also in the event that you play alone, but ally with a partner (or when another player is near you).

If you play Diablo 4 with other players, Activision Blizzard applies a 10% XP boost to all party members. If you kill an enemy and another player is nearby, you will gain 5% more XP.

Complete side missions

Diablo 4

The sauce of all good RPG is in the side missions. Some can be monotonous, but they are essential to accumulate more XP and level up faster. The same thing happens in the Diablo 4 beta.

For example, Octavia (which is east of Kyovashad) gives you several side quests, and completing them you will get XP in a few minutes. We recommend that you complete them.

Complete dungeons

Diablo 4

Similar to the secondary missions, but always under the same structure. On your way through Shattered Peaks, you’ll come across some dungeons that you can explore alone or with friends.

Inside you will find a multitude of enemies, rewards (loot) and there will always be a final boss in the last room of the dungeon. This translates to a lot of XP for each dungeon completed, as well as skins that you can add to your account.

Get Renowned Rewards

Diablo 4

The best Diablo 4 players will always receive better rewards. It is the law of life, and logically they will be even greater at higher world levels.

The game tracks the activity of each player, both at a general level (the entire map) and by areas of Broken Peaks. If you complete dungeons, side quests and other challenges, you will complete different renowned activities… which translates into more XP per bonus.

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The Diablo IV Beta is available for free (from today until March 26) at PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One y PC. Here you can read our impressions of the beta of the previous weekend.

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