Developers of Palworld face criticism after fixing bug that shouldn’t have been touched

Bug fixes are actually a good thing. In the case of Palworld, this is exactly what the developers have done to make themselves unpopular. Palworld was the surprise hit of the year. The open-world survival game, which is often referred to as “Pokémon with weapons,” broke a major record shortly after its release: more than two million players on Steam were playing in the colorful fantasy world at the same time. The title no longer has as many players, but Palworld is still very popular. One of the reasons for this is certainly the hard work of the developers to constantly provide the game with new updates. Since Palworld is still in Early Access, bugs in particular will be fixed. Curiously, the developers now had to apologize for this. We'll tell you in the video how you can quickly level up in Palworld and really get started. Palworld: This is how you can level up quickly Palworld players upset, want bug back What's it about? Update version was released for the PC on February 26th. This fixes some specific bugs, such as Pals getting stuck in the environment. But other more general problems should also be resolved in order to enable a smoother gaming experience overall. But in their zeal, the developers also fixed a certain bug that users would have liked to continue to have in the game. Until now it was possible to catch the various tower bosses in Palworld. You could make them work like normal Pals or use them in combat. Their unique design made the tower bosses extremely popular among players. Therefore, there was a hail of criticism when the “feature” was removed and the developers were forced to issue an apology on the X platform. This is how the developers reacted “We apologize for accidentally fixing an error,” the developers wrote in their post a day after the update was released. It is unknown whether they will bring back the alleged bug in a future patch. However, this is not the first feature that Palworld players are mourning. After the game was reworked, fans now want more than 20 deleted pieces of content back.