Destiny 2: Returning Exotic Quests With a Twist in ‘Into the Light’

The extension The Final Form of Destiny 2 having been postponed, the current Season of Wishing was stretched over six months. Suffice to say that even the most loyal players have moved on and they are not the All-Star Goalkeeper Games which encouraged people to come back despite the new type of vehicle added for the occasion. Bungie however, anticipated the situation and developed a big free content update called In the lightsomewhat similar to 30th anniversary pack who had made you wait before The Witch Queenwhich was partly paid with a DungeonTHE Eternity Challenges being accessible to all. Three lives were organized every Tuesday, the first presenting the horde mode Assault (Onslaught), while the second introducing the new social space called Hall of Champions and the arsenal BRAVERY. We have since had more details on the attributes of each of the weapons recovered, with a controversy in passing concerning the timegating. Let's now take stock of what was introduced during the third presentation, starting with particularly popular quests.

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Two exotic missions will therefore make their return in the coming weeks, namely The whisper And Last hourwhich had been removed at the launch ofBeyond the Light. A replica of thePerfect infection was also highlighted during the live on the coffee table, while the Whisper of the Worm was hiding behind the sofa. The first originally took place on Io (sunset) and was initially a real secret to players, requiring them to complete a public event in a certain way in theLost oasis to make a portal appear leading us into a special version of the Grove of Ulan-Tan where a passage was then unlocked, leading us into the depths of the star. The second started following the completion of a secondary quest on Titan introducing moreover Misraaksthe repair of a transponder and the meeting with the latter at the Domain. Brief, the good times when not everything was indicated by markers, with a certain feeling of mystery which is now lacking in the game. However, let's not be bad-mouthed, several contents published last year again attempted quite similar approaches. Indeed, //module.manual.AVALON// and even more the secret mission in the Deep dives to get Madness Tool brought this back to the fore, as did the secrets of Imbaru engine. Let's hope it continues!

Artistic director Rob Adams declared thatAt the time, the developers thought there weren't enough secrets in the game and that it would excite the communityin addition to a certain nostalgia for the Black Spindle of destiny. While showing the first concept on a whiteboard of the mission, he explained the mentality that was then in the team, an unspoken contract between the players and developers, the latter challenging our minds, our movement skills and in battle, with the ultimate reward of great power. This is typically what tends to be missing now, apart from Dungeons And Raidswanting too much to take the players by the hand. The era of Corridors of time or Niobé Lab (still physically present, but without its content) seems very far away. Yes, the deletion of this excellent content and/or its temporary side still sticks in our throats, even if it is not really the subject here, although we would not be typing these lines if the two missions in question had not been removed beforehand…

Destiny 2 Into the Light screenshot livestream 01 03 04 2024 Destiny 2 Into the Light screenshot livestream 03 03 04 2024

The fear side present in The whisper and the “green room” with its well-hidden passage to exit were also discussed. Since Io is no longer there, you will now have to talk to Eris Morn to unlock access to this questwhich implicitly indicates that it will not just be integrated into the rotation in the tab Legends (which is a bad idea, might as well let us choose which missions to play at any given time). Even better, the locations of chests and other secrets have been modified, in addition to adjustments related to clashes to provide a certain challenge with the sandbox current.


For Last hour, the concept behind TR3-VR was explained. Its inspiration comes from a test of Takeshi's Castle where participants had to climb a hill, with fake rocks rolling down the slope. It was initially called the “danger” (hazard in English) and was designed to inspire fearwhich was far from being an easy task since the Guardians have already defeated gods and braved many dangers. That's why he is invincible and very fast, that we are trapped in a maze and it is not possible to jump over it. A recipe that clearly worked well. The bottom of its frame is a reference to the centipede, of which Rob Adams has a phobia, while the lights are reminiscent of the approaching metro. The acronym initially used internally stood for “Tracking Robotic 3 Vector Reducer”, but fans when GuardianCon had chosen “Tame Relaxed Triple Vac Roommate”, which therefore has its official name.

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Of the Brigadiers have been added to this mission, among others, so that there is always this feeling of challenge to be overcome quickly. As to timerthe developers expected that the new tools at our disposal would allow us to cross places super quickly, but this is ultimately not the case, because the different sections are sufficiently independent. In both cases, the base versions of these missions will have to be completed in 40 minutes, which is double compared to those of the time! In Legendthe 20 minutes will make their return and this is where the majority of the secret content will be included. There should be something for everyone. The access cards which were used for the ship quest have also been replaced by another systemit remains to be seen whether this will be just as tricky and will require having Google Docs open to know what to do.

As for Tale of a Dead Man (Presage), Dead messenger (Vox Obscura) And Zero Revision (Operation: Seraph's Shield), the two exotic weapons that are THE Whisper of the Worm and thePerfect infection will therefore become craftables to theEnclavegiving us the choice of their perks while retaining what made them original. Of course, if you already have their catalyst, it will be possible to integrate them directly. Otherwise, you will have to complete each mission in Legend to get them. On the other hand, as for the other weapons mentioned above, the versions of the period which could be obtained at Memorial to the Lights lost will not be compatible with crafting. Two series of quests over three weeks will be used to unlock intrinsic attributes. Moreover, The whisper will be available at the launch of In the light on April 9, while Last hour won't arrive before May. Yes, there will still be timegatingbut which is not particularly bad, because it will allow you to concentrate on each mission when it comes out.

Finally, to return to the ships, A thousand wings And CF-717-91 debris will not make a return, but new versions inspired by their designs will serve as rewards. The appearance of the latter was not particularly appreciated (he is ugly, that's a fact) and his replacement will be based on the look of thePerfect infection, which should please players more. For now, we understand this decision, while regretting that these collectables be forever inaccessible to players who missed them.

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You can rewatch this entire 3rd presentation below, the part dedicated to these quests going up to 28:57. For a summary of the rest of the announcements, mainly dedicated to the new cards PvPdo not hesitate to consult our dedicated article.

The different extensions of Destiny 2 are available at the house of Gamesplanet if you play on PC.

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