Destiny 2: Frontline set to launch in 2025, Bungie reveals

According to Gamingdeputy on June 11, the final chapter of the “Light and Dark Chapter” story, “Destiny 2: Shape of the End”, was officially launched on June 5, and its online peak on Steam almost broke the historical peak of players since the release of “Autumn of Light”.

Today, Bungie released a new trailer introducing more information about Destiny Year 10 and the first chapter, “Echoes,” which will be launched on June 12: This is the first of three independent chapters released in the year of “Shape of the End”, and the Guardians will embark on a new adventure after the confrontation with the Witness.


Gamingdeputy noticed that Bungie also announced the “Year 11” project “Codename: Frontline” at the end of the video, but the official has not yet revealed more information, only saying that the project will be launched in 2025, so stay tuned.

According to the official introduction, three chapters will be released during the “Year” of “Destiny 2: The Shape of End”, telling the follow-up of the legend of light and darkness.

After “Echoes” comes “Wrath”, which will be centered on the Fallen, with a dark and horror theme. After “Wrath” comes “Heresy”, which mainly tells the story of the Hive gods and will return to the Dreadnought, a fan-favorite location in “Destiny”.


The brave Guardians led the charge, defeating the Witness and stopping the Final Form. In the aftermath of the fierce battle, mysterious objects of great power, Echoes, were scattered across the galaxy. Echoes will take players on a journey to discover the meaning of these objects as they lead players to the evolving Nessus. Working with Failsafe, Sage-14, and Osiris, the Guardians will mobilize to fight against the growing Vex army and a mysterious new enemy.

Each chapter will be released in three episodes, each lasting approximately six weeks, with Echoes Episode 2 launching on July 17 and Episode 3 on August 28. Each episode will include new activities and missions, such as the new three-player actionable Breakthrough activity introduced in Echoes Episode 1. Echoes will also feature new weapons and armor, seasonal artifacts, additional unlocks from the Season Pass, and more.

Guardians from around the world raced to lead their Traveler allies in the ultimate battle against The Witness. Congratulations to Team (Parabellum) for becoming the first six-man fireteam to complete the raid in Competitive Mode. All six members will receive a World First Title Belt and will go down in history as the World First Champions of Redemption's Edge. They will also receive a custom artwork for the fireteam by Swedish 3D artist Ohlac.

Players who complete the raid by 12:59AM PDT on June 26 will be able to purchase the Edge of Redemption raid jacket and Chrome Industries messenger bag through Bungie Rewards. Players who complete the raid by 12:59AM PDT on October 9 will be able to purchase the corresponding raid seal. Players who complete all related challenges will be awarded the Iconoclast title, and players who have earned the title will also be able to purchase the Iconoclast title seal before 1:59AM PDT on January 1 next year. Once obtained, all of these products can be purchased from the Bungie store.

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