Despite the studio's closure, a final patch is released and physical versions are still planned

The last Stand

The announcement of the studio's closure worried people who wanted to wait for the physical edition of the game which will be distributed by Limited Run Games. Do not panic, this version is still on the program as stated by the studio, and it will even contain the latest update for the game which was released today. This is the end clap for the game, which will no longer receive an update thereafter. Logical, since the team was kicked out.

Here is the complete patch note for this new patch for Hi-Fi Rush as shared on the official sitealready available:


PC and PlayStation 5

  • (Track 01) After reducing QA-1MIL's HP to zero, a collision issue was causing some players to fall out of geometry. Chai now falls normally to the ground, not into the abyss.
  • (Track 01) Fixed an issue in the second half of the 2D area where the camera would no longer follow Chai when the elevator platform fell.
  • (Track 02) Fixed an anomaly where your final rank was not correlated to the chorus score if you touched Rekka during her electric charge.
  • Some issues could arise if you attempted to use Macaron's Gravity Well while performing a parry game against an enemy. All fixed!
  • (Track 03) Cutscenes did not launch correctly if you consumed a life pool during the fight with the HG-0G. You'll still be able to block hits with your head, because we fixed that too!
  • Fixed various text bugs.

PlayStation 5

  • (Track 01) During the Offensive Dodge tutorial, there was a difference between what Frigénieux said and what was written. The text .

All platforms

  • (Track 01) We also ensured the quality of various things during the fight against QA-1MIL, notably the transitions between phases.
  • We fixed lots of other text errors! They are definitely tenacious…
  • Finally, we adjusted the prices of drinks in Vandelay vending machines to reflect the current local exchange rate.