Der ultimative Dragon Quest Builders Leitfaden: Komplettlösung

In each of the four chapters of Dragon Quest – Builders you can complete five challenges. The highlight: You only see these at the end of each chapter – so you can miss them. So that you know all the side quests right after the game starts, we would like to provide you with an overview of all the challenges and help you solve them right away. Some are a little trickier than they seem at first glance.

On February 14, 2024 the time has finally come: the long-awaited PC version of the classic “Dragon Quest Builders” finally makes it from consoles to home computers. For €27.99 you can get the sandbox adventure on Steam and look forward to around 50 hours of content (Buy on Steam). We'll show you how to complete the game's missable challenges right on the first try.


Challenges explained

The challenges in Dragon Quest Builders are so interesting because they allow you to… Unlock new items or instructions for Terra Incognita, the online mode can. To do this, for example, you have to complete the chapters in under 20 days, find and kill three dragons or rebuild the Hammerling cemetery.

You have already completed some of the chapters and have the Missed challenges? No problem! You can select the locations in the menu and complete the orders afterwards.

Chapter 1: Cantlin

After escaping the underground, you reach the devastated plains of Cantlin. In the first chapter there are some easy and difficult challenges. For example, you have to expand your settlements up to level 5 or build a Cantlin garden away from your home. Here you will find all the challenges of the Cantlin chapter with some useful tips for solving them.

Challenge #1 in Cantlin: Complete the chapter within 20 days. Don't bother yourself with side jobs, don't go to sleep at night and work in the dark. This will save you a lot of time!Challenge #2 in Cantlin: Bring your settlement to level 5. We'll tell you how you can level up your settlement in the shortest possible time in the linked guide. Here you can find all the important information about it.Challenge #3 in Cantlin: Defeat the three dragons. These huge creatures are spread across three islands in the first chapter. For the second and third dragons you need a blue and a red portal. Challenge #4 in Cantlin: Build a Cantlin Garden. To make a Cantlin Garden you need the following: eight fields of water, a door, a bench, a fire bowl, a plumberry tree, ten flowers and five grass. You should build this room outside your waterfront settlement.Challenge #5 in Cantlin: Repairs the Hammerling Graveyard. If you have traveled through the blue portal, you will meet a hammerling in a small ravine who will ask you to spruce up the cemetery. In order for you to succeed, you have to get the “Instructions for Tombstones” from the world of the red portal. Head north and look for an island in the water, where you will meet a creature that will tell you the secret. Return and exchange the old tombstones for new ones.


Chapter 2: Rimuldar

In the jungle of Rimuldar you enter the Swamps of Infirmity. Here too, it applies five orders to complete. The first two are almost identical to the challenges from the first chapter. In addition, you have to repair a roof, find a royal lice crown and solve puzzles.

Challenge #1 in Rimuldar: Complete the chapter within 30 days.Challenge #2 in Rimuldar: Bring your settlement to level 5.Challenge #3 in Rimuldar: Repair the roof! Enter the blue portal and head west. The house stands in a ravine surrounded by rocks. Fill the holes in the roof so you can complete the side quest and open the chest as a reward. Challenge #4 in Rimuldar: Find the Royal Crown: You get these from the kings of the slime creatures. Climb through the red portal and head east. Here you'll find a pond that looks like one of those mascots from Dragon Quest. Here the probability of catching a king is higher. The video below shows you the process.Challenge #5 in Rimuldar: Complete all Thalamus puzzles: You can find the first puzzle east of your settlement in Rimuldar. You can find the second behind the blue portal if you travel west over the mountains. For the last puzzle, climb through the red portal, walk north and cross the pool. You can find exact locations and solutions to all thalamus puzzles in the linked guide.

This video shows you where the Königlitschen Krone was found.

Chapter 3: Kol and Galenholm

The third chapter sends you to Kol and Galenholm. If you want to complete all the challenges in this part of the story, you have to kill troll bosses and giants, find a special blueprint and build the spa. We will help you complete the following five missions.

Challenge #1 in Kol and Galenholm: Complete the chapter within 30 days.Challenge #2 in Kol and Galenholm: Bring your settlement to level 5.Challenge #3 in Kol and Galenholm: Defeat all troll bosses and giants. In total you have to kill two of these creatures each. The first troll boss is hiding in the south of your settlement in Kol. The second, however, is hanging around in a fortress that you can find through the blue portal. You can only find and defeat the first giant if you travel through the red portal and walk northwest. The green portal sends you to the second giant, which you can find southeast of the icy mountains.

Here in the video we show you the locations in moving images.

Challenge #4 in Kol and Galenholm: Build the spectacular spa. For this task you first have to find a blueprint. You can get this in the world behind the green portal. Look out for a cave that appears near your spawn in each playthrough. Here you will find a box with the blueprint. If you still need a fountain, you have to travel to the world behind the blue portal. In the west you climb over the limestone mountains. Continue north, climb the mountain of earth and look for the water to the east. Run along the water and talk to the woman – she will give you the blueprint.Challenge #5 in Kol and Galenholm: Discover the blueprint for the Harp of Backslide. This blueprint is so special because it allows you to switch the background music to 8-bit. Put 15 blue blocks in your inventory and travel through the red portal. Go to the place where you found the first giant. Nearby you will find a cave guarded by an enemy. Place the blocks so that the hole in the room is blocked. Cross the area until you find the blueprint for the Backsludge Harp.

Chapter 4: Tantigel

The final chapter of Dragon Quest Builders also presents you with five challenges. Since your adventure is coming to an end here, these challenges are particularly tough. The first three do not require a more detailed description, we will help you with the last two orders.

Challenge #1 in Tantigel: Complete the chapter in 30 days.Challenge #2 in Tantigel: Bring your settlement to level 4.Challenge #3 in Tantigel: Defeat the final boss without wearing the legendary armor.Challenge #4 in Tantigel: Show a fruitful vision to someone in particular. You solve this very cryptic challenge by finding a total of four slimes in all four chapters. Slime #1 is located in “Land of Ash and Despair” on a rock, to the south of your temporary camp. This slime wants to see a milk blossom: You can get this by digging up the appropriate flower with a shovel. Slime #2 is located in “Tantegel Moor” and is waiting for you in the northwest of the castle. This slime wants to see a DaffodaisyLocationWant to seeAcquisitionSlime #1Land of Ash and Despair, on a rock to the south of the temporary campMilk BlossomDig up matching flower with a shovel / plant seeds / clean bonesSlime #2Tantegel Moor to the northwest of CastleDaffodaisyPlant matching seeds that drop from this type of slime , and then dig it up with the shovelSlime #3Patchwork Island, a metal slime in the northwest of the red portalCoralilyYou can find matching seeds through Drackies (the bats)Slime #4Dragonlord's Island is the royal slime in the very south on a pile of rocks. Combine the visions of the three previous slimes and sacrifice them along with the flowers on the altarChallenge #5 in Tantigel: Find the Sword of the Ruins. On the first island, go to the Tantigel Cemetery and kill the skeletons to get the key. Keep running until you find a door surrounded by blocks. This does not appear to represent an exit. Break down the blocks to find the Sword of the Ruins here.

With these tips you should also be able to unlock the corresponding trophies. Complete all challenges in the four chapters to earn the titles “Battles of Cantlin,” “Regent of Rimuldar,” “Great King of Kol and Galenholm,” and “Titan of Tantigel.”