Deputy Chairman of the State Duma spoke about plans to create a “secure Internet” in Russia

Andrey Svintsov, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, Information Technology and Communications, said on the radio “Moscow speaking” that in Russia the relevant departments and IT specialists are discussing the possibility of creating a “secure Internet” and introducing unique identifiers for access to the Network.

What it will be is not entirely clear.According to Svintsov, it will be possible to get into such an Internet only by pre-registering with a passport.


The person will be assigned a unique code – something like a domain name.But such an Internet will be “transparent”: “… special services will always be able to find the one who owns this account.”

At the same time, the “unprotected” version of the Internet will remain, but users themselves will be responsible for their personal data.

“We talked with our specialists from Moscow State University and the Ministry of Digital Development, we will have to change the technology of the Internet.Today’s technology, when it is possible to enter the network from anonymous devices, will be changed.It will look like this: you get into the secure Internet only by registering in it in advance.You register with a passport, get an analogue of a domain name, and with this identifier you access a secure part of the Internet from anywhere in the world.There will be a single operator that operates with all our personal data.”

Back in 2012, another deputy, Alexander Khinshtein, stated that all negative content can be removed from the network only if the “Internet by passport” is organized.According to Khinshtein, this will make it absolutely safe.

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