Denis Villeneuve’s Update on Dune 3: Why Fans Will Have to Wait for the Next Installment

Culture news Denis Villeneuve cools the fans' ardor: Dune 3 is not ready to see the light of day in the cinema!


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With the first two parts of the film Dune by Denis Villeneuve, science fiction fans have had plenty to satisfy themselves! However, the story adapted from Frank Herbert's novel is not really finished, and the third film may not be released anytime soon…


Dune: Part II continues to explode at the box office

Considered a major work of science fiction, the saga Dune has not always managed to find a place in the hearts of the general public. It must be said that the original book is not the most accessible of its kind and that the latest film adaptations are a bit dated. In fact, before Denis Villeneuve does not take his turn, the great director David Lynch had also attempted to adapt the novel by Frank Herbert at the cinema in 1984. And even if this version was clearly able to find its audience thanks to its many qualities, it still did not have the same success as other science fiction films released at the same period, Star Wars in mind. However, the potential was already there, and history can now witness it thanks to resplendent success of the two films by Denis Villeneuve.

The first film released in 2021 simply amazed science fiction fans thanks to the quality of its production, and the second released a few weeks ago continued in the same vein. Until recently, Dune: Part II held the title of best cinematic release of the year with $182.5 million collected at the American box office. If he has just been dethroned by Godzilla x Kong: The New Kingdom and its 194 million dollars, Denis Villeneuve's film nevertheless continues to attract many spectators to theaters around the world. In the United States, it remains in third place at the box office as it enters its fifth week of operation and faces some entertainment juggernauts like the previously mentioned Godzilla x Kong and the new episode of the saga Ghostbusters. If there is therefore no doubt that the adaptations of Dune by Denis Villeneuve have finally managed to conquer the audience that the work deserved, this does not necessarily mean that the conclusion of the story will arrive any time soon…

Dune 3, a mirage in the desert?

If you've seen the second part of Dune in the cinema, you probably know that the story isn't really over. Without revealing any major details of the plot, the characters played by Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya and Rebecca Ferguson have not yet finished accomplishing their plans, and the public is therefore impatiently awaiting the arrival of a third (and surely last movie. However, while the success of the first two feature films is evident, the very existence of a third is not yet assured. Indeed, Warner Bros. studios. have not yet made anything official, and the director himself wanted to calm the ardor of the most impatient fans. Interviewed by the Times of London, Denis Villeneuve declared:

Of course we want a third part, but I don't want to rush it. The problem in Hollywood is that people get carried away and only think about release dates, not quality.

Denis Villeneuve cools the fans' ardor: Dune 3 is not ready to see the light of day in the cinema!

Concerned with wanting to make the best possible film and not to disappoint the most involved fans, the director therefore prefers to play the patience card. We imagine that Denis Villeneuve must certainly be in full discussion with Warner Bros. to lay out the conditions for a possible sequel, and that the latter can only be confirmed when everything has been settled. If you are already looking forward to discovering the rest of the legend of Lisan al Gaib, you will surely have to wait a few more years.

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