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The release date of the current generation version of Any Channel's Sci-Fi shooter “PO'ed”, “PO'ed: Definitive Edition”, which was recently decided to be released on May 16th, will be released on PC (as planned) today.Steam/GOG) and sales have begun for overseas consoles, and Nightdive Studios has released a new launch trailer showcasing advanced visuals, a variety of weapons, and flashy gameplay.

The current generation version of the Sci-Fi shooter, which was released in Japan and overseas in 1996 and gained cult popularity, “PO'ed: Definitive Edition'' includes bug fixes, QoL, and graphics improvements from the original version, as well as new features. Features include difficulty levels, 15 achievements, 25 wild 3D environments, and 16 brutal monsters.


PO'ed: Definitive Edition

Violent aliens have taken over your spaceship and abducted your fellow crew members! Frustrated, you stand against the aliens all by yourself!

Released in 1995, PO'ed is an intense first-person shooter set in space, with gameplay elements inspired by generational classics DOOM and QUAKE. . “PO'ed: Definitive Edition” features improved visual elements, anti-aliasing, increased frame rate, and redefined usability, and is now capable of high performance up to 4K/144 FPS. This allows you to enjoy an even richer gaming experience compared to the classic 1995 original version.

Fight against your enemies using your frustration as your driving force!

A spaceship has been taken over by aliens. The aliens killed all your comrades and ruined your soufflé! Now, what should we do now? Armed with a jetpack and rocket launcher, you have no choice but to eradicate the aliens! PO'ed features 16 of the galaxy's most brutal and ferocious monsters. Each enemy is unique, including a monster that throws rocks, a robot that fires plasma cannons, a giant bat, and even a butt with legs.

The guys are looking for food, so don't go there just to be curious. You'll be eaten!

In “PO'ed”, you can enjoy a slightly different first-person action experience! Race through 25 epic 3D scenes as you fight against ferocious aliens. You can choose your favorite weapon from a variety of weapons, including an electric drill and a meat seeker. Enjoy a fast-paced, adrenaline-filled, action-packed 3D gaming experience with infinite viewpoint movement!

Main game elements of “PO'ed: Definitive Edition”

  • It is packed with QoL features to improve the gameplay experience, and the bugs in the original version have been fixed (and can be turned off).
  • The HUD display and other on-screen graphics can be enjoyed clearly even on a large screen.
  • Added new difficulty levels for hardcore gamers.
  • 15 types of achievements to whet your fighting spirit.
  • Supports language settings in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish.
  • Race through 25 epic 3D scenes on foot or with your Rocket Pack.
  • Featuring 16 of the galaxy's most ruthless and brutal monsters.