“Defamation of objectionables”: the Russian Embassy in the United States commented on the new sanctions

“Defamation objectionable” called the new American sanctions in the Russian Embassy in the United States.

On Friday, the US Treasury announced the imposition of sanctions against 40 legal entities and individuals from 9 countries, including Russia.

The embassy noted that the US authorities are using a “human rights screen” to make other countries change their position towards the Russian Federation.

“The new sanctions against Russian individuals and entities are nothing more than an advertising campaign by the US administration aimed at denigrating the ‘undesirables’ by labeling them as ‘human rights violators’,” the statement said.

According to the embassy, ​​Washington wants to increase pressure on Russia, to divide the world into “real democracies” and “autocracies.” The statement says that the United States is not satisfied with the independent foreign policy of the Russian Federation.

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