Deepin V23 RC now available with support for 14th generation U terminal devices and dual-core 5.15/6.6 processor

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Gamingdeputy reported on May 15 that the deepin V23 RC version of deepin operating system was officially released today, bringing many new features in the installer, launcher, taskbar, etc.

Gamingdeputy summarizes as follows:



  • optimizationinstaller UI details;

  • Updated the installer carousel;

  • A new trial mode has been added, which can be experienced without installation;

  • System pre-installed applications fall back to deb versions;

  • Supports 14th generation U terminal equipment;

  • 5.15 and 6.6 dual cores are provided.


  • Optimize the launcher window mode and modify it to a three-stage layout to add a quick access function;

  • Optimize the launcher window mode, optimize the alphabetical display rules of the alphabetical sorting method, and only display the alphabetical list of existing applications;

  • Optimization Optimized the launcher keyboard operation interaction behavior;

  • Optimization and functional completion of pinyin, English, and Chinese character searches in the launcher;

  • Optimization Optimized the launcher keyboard operation interaction behavior;

  • The new launcher window mode list adds a free sorting mode, which unifies the sorting order of applications in the free sorting mode and the sorting relationship in the full-screen mode;

  • A new launcher window mode is added, and a new function of dragging applications to create a new application group is added in free sorting;

  • Added launcher window mode, and added support for modifying file group names in free sorting;

  • A new launcher window mode is added, and free sorting supports dragging applications to customize the sorting, and dragging list applications to the top;

  • A new launcher window mode is added, and an alphabetical index function is added to the alphabetical sorting method;

  • A new launcher window mode has been added, and a new category index function has been added to the category sorting. Click the category to enter the index menu;

  • A new commonly used software module has been added to display commonly used applications based on user usage frequency;

  • Added recently installed function, recently installed but unused applications will be displayed in the recently installed area.

【task bar】

  • This time the taskbar has been reconstructed with QML;

    A shortcut entry to the clipboard plug-in has been added to the left area of ​​the new taskbar;

    A global search shortcut entry has been added to the left area of ​​the new taskbar;

    A new workspace view quick switching function has been added to the left side of the taskbar. You can quickly switch workspaces through the workspace preview icon. The default workspace view display is 2, and a maximum of 6 can be added. The taskbar will not be displayed when there is at least 1. Icon display;

    Added the ability to adapt the application activation indicator, and the indicator style dynamically changes with the icon size;

    The original multi-task view entrance has been optimized and cropped, and the multi-task view can be invoked through shortcut keys to add and delete;

    Optimization removes the original fashion and efficient mode;

    Optimized the right-click menu of the taskbar and added the function of adjusting the application area residence position;

    Optimized and updated the shortcut panel plug-in icon style.

【File Manager】

  • Added Ctrl+D shortcut key to quickly delete files;

  • Added Ctlr+Shift+N shortcut key to quickly create a new file directory.


  • Supports cloud synchronization function and can synchronize calendar schedule;

  • Added new weekly start from following system management setting option;

  • Added follow system time management setting option.

【app Store】

  • Optimize the application description and new feature display on the application details page, displaying 5 lines by default;

  • Modify the application startup animation style;

  • Adapt deepin-service-manager plug-in.


  • Supports cloud synchronization function, which can synchronize user data such as browser treasure boxes and tags.


  • Optimized application window interaction logic;

  • Supports calling and setting system settings functions through key text descriptions (enter to adjust screen brightness to 100%);

  • Supports the Vincent picture capability, which can generate pictures through keyword descriptions.

[Cross-end collaboration]

  • Abstract the original cross-end collaborative application into an independent application;

  • Optimized the overall interactive experience of deepin;

  • Supports mouse and key sharing across devices;

  • Supports clipboard sharing across devices;

  • Supports cross-terminal and cross-device file transfer;

  • Updated Windows application version, download address:


  • Updated the Fcitx font package to solve the problem of users being unable to input Traditional Chinese (users can add the fifth-generation Cangjie input method)

  • Optimized the icon style of the “More” setting item in the window;

  • Optimized the waiting time when the system is shut down and the application is blocked. The blocking waiting time is adjusted from 90 seconds to 30 seconds.

In terms of problem fixes, the problems fixed this time are as follows:

  • Fixed the problem of waiting for 90 seconds due to blocking of some application processes when the system is shut down;

  • Fixed the ambiguity caused by Control Center-Personalized Desktop-Transparency Adjustment Copy;

  • Fixed the problem of being unable to log in again after logging in and out through the control center-deepin ID;

  • Fixed the issue where the keyboard layout viewer displays blur in non-1.0 zoom scenarios;

  • Fixed the problem that the grub-customizer package cannot be installed using commands in the terminal;

  • Fixed the problem that some applications cannot be installed normally using command installation;

  • Fixed the problem that some user hotspots could not be opened normally;

  • Fixed the problem of abnormal cursor style when clicking on the multi-tasking view when the zoom is set to 1.75 and above;

  • Fixed the issue where the application interface was magnified 3 to 4 times in the 4K screen scenario. Fixed the problem of scaling the terminal interface window to the smallest window. When the current path length exceeds the terminal width, multi-line path display will appear when scaling the window;

  • Fixed the problem that all minimized windows will be called up when Alt+table is switched;

  • Fixed the problem that the buttons in the Fcitx 5 migration wizard tool are not internationalized in the Chinese environment;

  • Fixed the problem of blurry display of the all-selected check button in the Fcitx 5 migration wizard tool;

  • Fixed the problem that after modifying the input method configuration item and clicking the restart button on the taskbar input method icon, the shortcut key for switching the current first input method configuration is lost;

  • Fixed the problem of screen scaling and title bar right-click menu failing to scale simultaneously;

  • Fixed the problem that the title bar menu font does not follow the system font size adjustment;

  • Fixed the problem that the control center – system time zone – click edit, the interface is displayed as a transparent interface;

  • Fixed the issue where the taskbar changed from rounded corners to right angles when reducing the height of the taskbar;

  • Fixed the issue where the magnifying glass status is not reset after restarting after the magnifying glass function is turned on;

  • Fixed the problem of blurry display of the floating box of the taskbar application icon name. Fixed the problem of the rounded window in the taskbar tray area having a white transparent border in dark mode;

  • Fixed the issue where the QQ interface displays abnormally when zooming 2.25 times under 4K screen;

  • Fixed the issue where the check mark icon appearing in the right-click menu is too large;

  • Fixed the problem of flickering in the control center when switching the secondary menu in the power menu after closing the window special effects;

  • Fixed the problem that the menu button icon and delete button are displayed in black and the style display is abnormal in the dark mode of the music application;

  • Fixed the problem that when the taskbar is up, the launcher is in full-screen mode, and the distance between the page turning button on the launcher and the taskbar is too large;

  • Fixed the issue where the launcher does not cover the screen in full screen mode;

  • Fixed an issue where deleting the workspace window in the multi-tasking view would cause lag during the screen recording operation, resulting in the inability to successfully delete it;

  • Fixed the issue where the pop-up interface displays a transparent background when clicking the shortcut panel on the taskbar;

  • Fixed the problem that “Nut Cloud” could not be installed normally;

  • Fixed the issue where multiple wired connections were added to the network list after plugging the network cable into the notebook. Fixed the issue where extra Deepin Home Daemon icons appeared on the desktop after a new administrator or standard user logged in to the system.


  • Fixed the problem that when using the terminal Thor mode for the first time, it would be blocked by the dock bar;

  • Fixed the problem of abnormal terminal auto-completion function;

  • Fixed an issue where terminal themes would affect system themes.


  • Fixed the issue of installation failure when installing the camera through the terminal command line.


  • Fixed an issue where email details could not be viewed normally when clicking the notification to view the email when receiving a new email notification.

【app Store】

  • Fixed the problem of client crash when clicking the application label on the application details page, continuously switching the sorting conditions on the label list page;

  • Fixed an issue where the client would get stuck when clicking on App Update when uninstalling an app.

This update also contains some known issues that need to be fixed, including the launcher being unable to drag and drop applications to the taskbar, and the original personalization function of the taskbar right-click menu not being supported yet. Details are as follows:

  • When the launcher is awakened, dragging the mouse to adjust the height and size of the taskbar does not take effect;

  • The launcher cannot drag and drop applications to the taskbar;

  • The original personalized setting function of the taskbar right-click menu is not supported yet;

  • The options in the taskbar application layout, position, and status menus are unchecked after being clicked again;

  • The taskbar setting is always hidden, and when the mouse is awakened, the animation appears and is not displayed as designed;

  • Occasionally, when right-clicking the System Monitor plug-in icon, the taskbar crashes;

  • In dual-screen expansion mode, the taskbar crashes when right-clicking on the system monitor plug-in icon;

  • In dual-screen extended mode, it is always hidden when enabled. When the taskbar is on the main screen, you need to place the mouse on the secondary screen to evoke the taskbar;

  • In dual-screen extended mode, set the taskbar position to display only on the main screen. After switching the main screen, the taskbar does not switch to the main screen;

  • Set the display to follow the mouse position, and the taskbar will not follow the display when the mouse is moved to another screen;

  • When opening the file manager in the launcher sidebar, an abnormal icon appears on the taskbar;

  • In full screen mode, there is no animation effect when dragging the icon;

  • When opening the file manager in the launcher sidebar, an abnormal icon appears on the taskbar;

  • Some application launchers have icons as small black squares when viewed

  • After uninstalling Screen Recording, there is 'Scree…pture' in the taskbar shortcut panel, but there is no response when clicking it;

  • In window mode, when scrolling by name and category list, the first letter does not immediately follow upward;

  • The cinema application crashes when opening av1 decoded mp4 video;

  • After switching themes or icon themes, applications on the taskbar appear to be stuck and reloaded;

  • For the deb package file downloaded from the web page, open the installation prompt from the browser: Only local deb packages can be installed;

  • Pictures converted from the artboard to ddf format cannot be opened.