Deceived pensioner sold her apartment to make phone scammers happy

Photo: Unsplash

The police spoke about the case of fraud, which affected a 77-year-old resident of Kirov. She was deceived by telephone scammers, stealing several million rubles, and since the pensioner did not have such funds, she could not think of anything better than to sell her apartment.

First, the “bank employee” called the woman and said that she needed to protect her savings from fraudulent activities. A few days later, she was instructed how to withdraw money from the account and transfer it to a “secure account” (which obviously belonged to scammers) – in this way she lost 255 thousand rubles. After some time, they called her again, frightened her with a fiction and demanded money – she transferred another 119 thousand to the villains.

On this, the scammers did not calm down, they continued to pester the gullible Kirov woman. In another conversation, she was told that some people were going to sell her apartment under false documents, and to prevent this from happening, an imaginary deal had to be made. The woman went to realtors, sold her apartment for 2 million rubles and transferred this money to the account that the attackers told her. After that, she was no longer bothered.

So this woman lost her home and was left without money. Now she hopes that the police will find the criminals and help return her property.