Dead Rising 3 review – The episode that PlayStation players don’t regret

Although the fact that it was an Xbox exclusive disappointed many, it would be a lie to say that Dead Rising 3 was not expected. And it’s not hard to understand why. On the one hand, because fans of Capcom’s new franchise have just been treated to two very similar, if not identical, games, simply changing the protagonist. But above all, since Dead Rising was born at the start of a generation, and managed to shine, many are waiting for a small revolution, whether on a technical and visual level, or even in terms of gameplay. Especially since this last aspect deserves, at a minimum, a big evolution.

Evolution which will actually take place, in the absence of the hoped-for revolution. Dead Rising 3 released on November 22, 2013 on Xbox One, and will only see a single port on PC almost a year later. With all due respect to PlayStation players, who were nevertheless entitled to the second part then to Off the Record, the spin-off with Frank West. Does the license matter that much in Microsoft’s eyes to deserve exclusivity status? Better than that, since this new part is directly integrated into the launch line up of its new console, alongside the forgettable ones Forza Motorsport 5, Killer InstinctAnd Ryse: Son of Rome.


What was supposed to happen happened, the Xbox One is a failure, and Dead Rising 3 Nothing could have changed that. Still, this will not prevent it from selling very well, exceeding 3 million copies by more than 200,000 copies. Which remains very respectable for a game which, as we will see in detail, suffers from multiple limitations and, even more so than its predecessors, has aged very poorly. Ten years after its release, let’s return together to this highly anticipated, but quickly forgotten, third part, whose proposal, although ambitious, will have disappointed many players despite a remarkable gallery of qualities and new features.

Test conditions: We spent nearly 15 hours on the Xbox One version of the game, running on an Xbox Series additional content during a New Game +. This review is guaranteed without major spoilers.

A next-gen game?

As with each new generation of consoles, players were waiting for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to turn the corner in terms of graphics. Unfortunately for Microsoft, if Sony enjoys a meager catalog of exclusives at the launch of its new machine, a certain Killzone: Shadow Fall will nevertheless bring everyone into agreement. Technically, the game is a bomb, which demonstrates the power of this new generation, and even more so the new PlayStation. On the Xbox side, we’re dragging our legs, with four exclusives, only one of which flatters the retina. But we are far from what the competition offers in terms of technological showcase.

Concerning Dead Rising 3the disappointment is entirely relative: we are faced with a game that does not impress visually, suffers from a host of bugs that are sometimes very annoying, graphic problems such as textures taking time to display, and questionable artistic choices. Capcom Vancouver’s game isn’t pretty, but it can hardly be called ugly for that. What is certain is that he departs from his predecessors with his grayer, duller image, which clearly does him no credit. But above all, the less marked, more generic character design sets the tone from the first moments: no character will be memorable.


Not even the new protagonist, moreover, whose first images suggested a bad boy like Daryl from The Walking Dead. Far from it, ultimately, since we find ourselves in control of one of the most banal and bland characters that modern video games have been able to offer us. A vision favored by unconvincing French dubbing, a staging that is sometimes ordinary, sometimes awful, as well as an uninviting story, seeming to take itself more seriously than the previous parts, for a result that is ridiculous and too often embarrassingly mediocre. The writing is at the level of the charisma of the protagonist: on point.

It’s starting to have a lot of flaws, even though we haven’t yet gotten to the heart of the game. But what we have to say is: Dead Rising 3 makes a bad impression on first contact. His introduction way 28 Days Later, announcing a more serious game than its friends, and the few jump-scares that it places on our path in the first moments are solid indicators: something is not right. And it’s difficult to put your finger on this something, because on paper it’s all there. It’s nasty, stupid, gory, showing a particularly dubious sense of humor… However, it’s like the developers didn’t understand the franchisewhile they are at the origin of the two previous parts.

However, let’s not be bad-mouthed: we are getting our money’s worth. Dead Rising 3 propose an open world, certainly lacking in charm, but proving relatively rich. But above all, it displays an even more impressive number of undead simultaneously, for a result that sometimes makes you dizzy, all the more coupled with its new possibilities of dismemberment. The appearance of a small variety of vehicles, which can also be merged to create real monsters on wheels, leaves no room for doubt: the game is a huge open-air romp, in which everything is permitted. The murder counter, at the top left of the screen, has never filled up so quickly.

And we could almost stop the test with these words, since like previous episodes, Dead Rising 3 shines when he is empty of reflection, when he pours liters of hemoglobin onto the ground and makes an obese grandmother vomit, or even when he is outrageously vulgar… So, it is fair to say that the game is disappointing from an outside point of view, but the fan from the beginning knows from these words that he is likely to find what he is looking for. And that’s not bad, you’ll agree. It’s a shame that so many things have to be said, weakening this state of affairs which could have justified the purchase of the title by an entire community which, ultimately, is divided on this episode.

Unwind in the making

Dead rising 3 01 4

Despite the many flaws raised, this part improves in every way the recipe of its predecessors, and thus spoils early fans who will recognize the efforts of the developers. We find similar gameplay, at first glance, with the same faults: a lack of precision, especially when facing human opponents who are too mobile, and too few moves, which encourage redundancy to quickly rear its head. That being said, Nick, the protagonist, is a little more manageable than Chuck and Frank were. He can now perform fast and heavy blows, respectively with X and Y. His roll, to be performed by pressing the left joystick, is much more useful than with his predecessors. But above all, he can run!

A race that will be used and abused, because without it, Nick is a little too slow, once again. And if at first he runs out of steam quickly, we are now offered to model our experience via a skill tree, allowing us to improve our protagonist in every way, notably his endurance. As well as sharpening his performance in combat, in particular by making him gain in number of blows. It is also possible to improve your DIY skills, which will be put to the test in this city where you can merge everything to obtain powerful weapons. There are more than 100 recipes available as standard, with some items simply designed to be fun, of course, while others turn out to be incredibly effective and enjoyable..

In other words, despite the profusion of zombies, it has never been easier to smash everything that moves. Which is, note the good, still as enjoyable as in the previous parts, if not more. Too bad this comes with other limitations, such as very hazardous vehicle driving. Vehicles which also suffer from disappointing physics, since they will have an unfortunate tendency to get stuck in the scenery, or even to turn over. Which, as in a GTA, will make them explode. And you’ll have to get used to it, because even by thoroughly improving the skill allocated to mechanics, your cars will quickly be put out of use.

Because they lack durability, for one thing, and will eventually break upon contact with too many undead, it’s inevitable. But above all because the developers have seen fit to scatter a simply irritating quantity of obstacles on our route, including cans of gasoline, which explode on contact and which are difficult to avoid. Damaging, as you will have understood, any vehicle, whatever it may be. Generally speaking, we have the nagging feeling that Capcom Vancouver wanted to slow down our progress on the mapdivided into four zones, placing walls, holes in the ground and explosives in a way that ends up being frustrating.

It is not difficult to understand that this way of doing things aims to force us to use all the tools offered. However, it leaves an unpleasant taste in the mouth, that ofa lifespan increased by using dishonest tricks. Same observation regarding the quests, side or main, since it is too often a question of going back and forth for a long time, which end up becoming annoying, until a hair-pulling apotheosis in the last hour game. In short, Dead Rising 3 doesn’t shine either with its construction, and we feel that the developers didn’t really know how to go about it with this open world.

The fact remains that they demonstrateobvious good will, trying to offer maximum fun to the fans. By articulating the adventure on a pattern similar to the previous parts, while leaving much more time for players to wander, and thus avoiding them having to restart a second part in order to discover psychopaths and other side quests. By facilitating their progress, and highlighting their creativity with a host of combo weapons and vehicles. By offering them five endings, and even cameos, as well as by expanding as best as possible the lore of the franchise. The result is a product with a finish that clearly leaves something to be desired, that’s undeniable. But the proposal is honest, and if we liked the previous ones, then we cannot be indifferent to this one.