Dariusz Mioduski commented on the reports on Legia. A loud coach change is coming

 Dariusz Mioduski commented on the reports on Legia.  A loud coach change is coming

Before the meeting between Leicester City and Legia Warsaw began, an extensive interview with the club’s owner was published on the official website of the Polish champions. Dariusz Mioduski raised many issues related to the last weeks of Legia. From coaching issues, through the message for fans. The owner of Legia Warszawa in an interview for the official website of Legia Warszawa started with the question of a possible new coach of the Polish champions. Much is said about the candidacy of Marek Papshun. The trainer working in Raków Częstochowa is at the top of the list of the Warsaw club. – I can confirm that we want to communicate with the trainer and his staff. If it is not possible to hire him in winter, we are ready to wait until the end of the season. I believe that Marek Papszun, with appropriate working conditions, which are in Legia, is currently the best candidate to develop our team in the coming years. I am convinced that the charisma, knowledge and experience of coach Papszun will be very positively combined with the philosophy of the club – admitted Dariusz Mioduski. loading the post … See the original – I also believe that the addition of coach Papszun will be a very positive change for Legia Warszawa and that he will be able to use the full potential of our club, which today has the conditions for development at the level of leading European brands. We all want to watch the Warsaw attacking team, playing spectacularly, winning and dominating PKO Bank Polski Ekstraklasa, which naturally gives a chance for good matches in European cups – said the head of the Warsaw club. There was also a question about the current coach, who at the time of publishing the interview was just before the Legia’s match in the Europa League against Leicester City. Marek Gołębiewski was appreciated for taking over the team in a difficult moment, taking up the challenge. – Here it is worth paying attention to two issues. First of all, it is the current and future role of coach Marek Gołębiewski. It was a difficult decision. We entrusted the function to a trainer, Marek Gołębiewski, who has undergone a detailed verification in the reserves, and his personality, workshop and mentality certainly belong to the category of those we want. We did not want to hire an “firefighter” from the outside – analyzes Mioduski. Embed: Read also – internal link is loading the post … See original – Of course we know that by giving coach Gołębiewski this temporary chance, we threw him into a very deep, restless water. However, he knew what to write for, and we knew that we were temporarily ready for such a risk. I am convinced that it is also an important time for the development of coach Gołębiewski, we support him all the time and we will certainly not give up his further work in the club. Taking responsibility at such a moment he showed character – the head of Legia concludes. Mioduski also addressed the fans of the Polish champions directly, referring to the situation of Legia. As a reminder, the defender of the title is in the penultimate place in the PKO Ekstraklasa table. – Sorry about that place in the table where we are. This situation should never have happened. I understand the bitterness of the fans. I also feel angry and know that the situation requires not only diagnosis, but also decisive action that we take. At the same time, I would like to thank the entire community associated with our club for the words of support and fan attitude in these difficult moments for all of us. There are several reasons for the current crisis. I noticed a stagnation in the team’s development since the match with Pogoń last season – you can, among others, read in an interview. – On the other hand, the most important of them is inadequate preparation for the season and inadequate physical and mental preparation to compete on three fronts. We also fell into a feeling of complacency – added Mioduski. – The season is not lost. Of course, in the current situation, stabilization in the league will be a priority, but we are still fighting to play in Europe in the spring, we will be fighting for the Polish Cup. In order to get out of the crisis and return to our place as soon as possible, we have to rebuild the ethos of hard, wise work, not to look for excuses – the head of Legia concludes. Embed: Read also – internal link is loading post … View original – Yes, we have a serious sports crisis, but we will get out of it. This is a transitional period that we want to use as wisely as possible, so that such problems do not repeat themselves anymore. This is a challenge that we will deal with. I would like to thank the fans for their support with all my heart, because with successes it is always easy to pat on the back, but now they show great responsibility. Now we are not giving up, but we are making changes with the feeling that we are going to have to work hard, organic in order to get back to the game – notes Mioduski. Embed: Read also – internal link is loading post … View original Listen to “naTemat every day”. Shorten the day in less than 5 minutes

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