Curious goal celebration after a penalty – SSV Hardstuck player makes people laugh

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Von: Joost Rademacher

Curious goal celebration after a penalty – SSV Hardstuck player causes a laugh © instagram / ssvhardstuck.official

Chefstrobel celebrated a penalty kick with wild cheers. The gag is well received by the fans, although he is lucky not to be banned.

Hamburg – Chefstrobel made a curious goal celebration in the game between SSV Hardstuck and Eidelstedt. The streamer scored a penalty for the Trymacs soccer team and delighted commentators and viewers on Twitch with a pretty unmistakable gesture. There was laughter in the live stream, but Strobel is lucky. Other streamers would easily have been banned from Twitch for such a goal celebration.

You can find out what was so strange about Chefstrobel’s goal celebration here.

Domenic Strobel took a penalty kick at the penalty spot and unsympathischTV already started to incite the viewers in the live stream. The shot made it 2-0. The jubilation in the stream was great – and only got bigger when Chefstrobel looked for the camera on the sidelines after his goal to give the best of the “sucker”.