Cunning fan puts GTA 6 map together from leaks – the map should be that big

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Von: Aileen Udowenko

A GTA 6 fan took a closer look at all the leaked screenshots and was able to construct the entire map for the game. The map could look like this.

Hamburg – Leaked screenshots of GTA 6 are currently flooding the Reddit forums for the game. The images shown give fans plenty of reason to speculate about the graphics and story. However, one particularly enthusiastic fan has set himself the task of searching the collected screenshots for possible real locations. Through his meticulous detective work, he was already able to put together an impressive map for GTA 6.

name of the game Grand Theft Auto VI
Release (date of first publication) TBA
Publisher Rockstar Games
Serie Grand Theft Auto
platforms PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC (unconfirmed)
developer Rockstar North
Genre Open-World, Action-Adventure

GTA 6 fan leaks entire map through screenshots – the game world is so big

The map looks like this: In the Reddit forum for GTA 6, many screenshots of the game are currently being shared, which are particularly impressive due to the realistic graphics. However, fans are not only interested in the beautiful look, but also in the game world, which can be seen in the screenshots. A fan has therefore compared the locations of the leaked images with real places in the USA and used them to create a complete map of GTA 6. The map could look like this:

This is what the GTA 6 map could look like © Reddit / tusstaster

If you look at the map, a certain similarity to the US state of Florida cannot be denied. However, this becomes particularly clear in the locations in the game, because its real-life counterparts can also be found in Florida. All locations found so far have been checked with Google Maps and the map for GTA 6 has been compiled. For example, the leaked nightclub was located in the east of the map. This should also further confirm the Vice City setting. A fan has now also leaked the first cars for GTA 6.

Not for the first time in Vice City

Already in the fourth part of the “Grand Theft Auto” series, players could explore Vice City. The game was then based on the Miami of the 1980s. GTA Vice City was first released for the PlayStation 2 in 2002 and was released for PC and Xbox a year later. Players slip into the role of Thomas Vercetti, who developed into one of the most important masterminds in Vice City after his stint in prison. So far it seems like we can wander the streets of the Miami clone again in GTA 6.

GTA 6: Reddit user leaks the entire map through screenshots – fans are thrilled

What fans say: The map leak for GTA 6 prophesies fans of the series a huge game world that will probably even overshadow the size of Los Santos. The Reddit users are convinced of the map for the game and so far also very optimistic that this can be an accurate representation. The character animations in GTA6 are probably also very accurate, fans are enthusiastic about a video. Fans had already created a map for GTA 5 based on various leaks and this largely came true when the game was released. These are the comments:

  • Droxcy: “I can make friends with a card like that. With a lot of small towns between significantly larger ones. The gameplay could bring a lot of fun and distribute players.”
  • AdProper: “This card is finally satisfying.”
  • redditer33333: “Hopefully I’ll remember this map when the game releases. The GTA 5 map leaks were also very accurate.”
A fan assembled the complete map from the GTA 6 leaks
A fan assembled the complete map from the GTA 6 leaks © ingame / Midjourney

The leak to the GTA 6 map now makes fans even more excited about the release. Until then, we’ll probably have to settle for unofficial information about the game, because Rockstar Games is still keeping us in the dark. However, we are also threatened with complete darkness in GTA 6, because another screenshot predicts a deceptively real night mode in the game.