CTW launches service for G123’s latest game “Strike the Blood Daybreak”

CTW has launched “Strike the Blood Daybreak” as the latest game for G123. In addition, to commemorate this, a luxurious campaign will be held both inside and outside of the game to commemorate the release.


■The popular TV anime “Strike the Blood” has started distributing the game on G123!

“Strike the Blood Daybreak” is a game in which the main character “Kojo Akatsuki” becomes the main character, and along with beautiful girl characters such as “Yukina Himeragi” and “Aiba Asagi”, the characters range from assassins aiming for the power of the Fourth True Ancestor. A simple and exhilarating RPG where you protect your precious friends.


・Click here for the PV

・Easy to spin with your loved ones! refreshing! Turn-based battle RPG

・Freely organize your party with your favorite characters!

・Game limited! Many special costumes for beautiful girl characters are now available!

■Everyone can get it! You can get luxurious items worth a total of 200,000 yen only immediately after release!

1. Announcing the results of the pre-registration campaign!

The pre-registration campaign has surpassed 100,000 pre-registered users! The rewards you will receive are as follows.

10 fellow invitation tickets SSR Nangu Natsuki (equivalent to 10,000 yen in total)

30 days from service start

2. Log in for 7 days and receive “SSR Avrola”!

For 7 days after the game starts, we will hold an event where you can win various items worth a total of 100,000 yen just by logging into the game. Additionally, if you log in for 7 days, you will receive “SSR Avrola”!

3. Get a large amount of “SSR Glenda” pieces! Seven-day festival event held!

If you clear all the missions of this event within 7 days from the start of the game, you will not only be able to obtain items worth a total of 100,000 yen, but you will also be able to rapidly strengthen “SSR Glenda” to 5 stars.

■Multiple campaigns are being held on Official X (formerly Twitter)!

Official X (old Twitter) is here

1. Game limited!Heroine hot spring illustration public campaign

Until December 31, 2023

・Amazon gift certificate worth 10,000 yen x 5 people

After answering a few simple questions, a hot spring illustration exclusive to the game will be revealed for one character. A total of 8 types of characters will appear, so be sure to participate! Furthermore, after participating in the campaign, those who share their results will receive a reward through a lottery.

<"Yukina Himeragi" and "Aiba Asagi" hot spring illustrations released>

In addition to the following, hot spring illustrations of 6 characters will be released in this campaign.

2. Introducing the characters that appear in the game!Stobla fortune campaign

Until January 31, 2024

・Amazon gift certificate worth 10,000 yen x 5 people

When you start the game from the target post on Official Those who see “Akatsuki Kojo” can receive an Amazon gift card worth 10,000 yen.

3. Tell me which beast you want to follow!Hashtag posting campaign

Until December 31, 2023

・Amazon gift certificate worth 10,000 yen x 5 people

We will give away rewards by drawing lots from those who post the name of the companion beast that appears in the anime, the reason for choosing it, and “#StobraGame” on X (formerly Twitter).

■Game basic information

Game title: Strike the Blood Daybreak

Genre: RPG

Price: Basic free (in-game item charge system)


(C) CTW, INC. All rights reserved.