CSKA – Fakel 4: 1, the result of the match of the 4th round of the RPL on August 6, 2022

Today, August 6, at the VEB Arena stadium in Moscow, the local CSKA met with the Voronezh Fakel in the 4th round of the Russian Premier League (RPL). “Championship” conducted a text online broadcast of the match. The game ended in a crushing victory for the home team with a score of 4:1.

At the 42nd minute of the match, Yan Bobrovsky appointed a 11-meter kick after a prompt from Sergei Karasev, who advised the chief referee to watch VAR. The penalty was converted by Georgy Gongadze and brought the Voronezh team forward. At the 57th minute, Konstantin Kuchaev, after a pass from Fedor Chalov, struck from outside the penalty area and equalized the score. In the 68th minute, CSKA got the right to a penalty kick, which was also awarded after watching VAR. The kick was converted by Jesus Medina. At the 72nd minute, Fedor Chalov scored the third goal of his team, breaking into the near corner of the goal of Ilya Svinov. In the 83rd minute, Jorge Carrascal scored the fourth goal for CSKA.

CSKA scored 10 points and caught up with the leading Spartak in points, but remains in second position in the standings. Fakel is in 14th position with two points.

The match between CSKA and Fakel was officiated by a team of referees headed by Yan Bobrovsky (St. Petersburg). Alexey Shiryaev (Stavropol) and Igor Knyazev (Kursk) helped him. The reserve judge was Anastasia Pustovoitova (Moscow). The VAR referee is Sergey Karasev (Moscow), Adlan Khatuev (Grozny) acted as his assistant.

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