Crypto Exchange hacked – losses of 196 million dollars

The information was first revealed by security firm Peckshield, but was later confirmed by Bitmart itself, which called the incident “a large-scale security breach”. It writes the news channel CNBC.

Bitmart’s official statement stated that the hackers made more than $ 150 million in assets, but according to the blockchain specialist security and analysis company Peckshield, it was close to $ 200 million, more precisely 196 million.

Bitmart added in a statement that all withdrawals have been stopped temporarily and that a thorough safety review is underway.

It was the aforementioned Peckshield who first discovered the intrusion when they noticed that one of Bitmart’s addresses showed a steady outflow of tens of millions of dollars to an address that Etherscan referred to as Bitmart Hacker, writes CNBC.


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