Crowdfunding around the movie “The Wandering Earth 2” exceeded 120 times and finally reached 120 million yuan: Netizens are crazy about tap water-fast technology-technology changes the future

Crowdfunding around the film “The Wandering Earth 2” exceeded 120 times and finally reached 120 million yuan: Netizens are crazy about tap water

Recently, not only the movie “The Wandering Earth 2” has become popular all over the Internet, but the crowdfunding of peripheral products this time has also created a miracle – the crowdfunding target of products such as the mechanical dog Benben and the digital life card launched by Saifan Science Fiction Space was originally only 1 million Yuan, and finally obtained a crowdfunding amount of 120 million.

This crowdfunding goal was removed early this morningit was originally just a very common movie peripheral crowdfunding, but after “The Wandering Earth 2” received a good reputation at the box office, a large number of netizens were shocked by the sci-fi products in the movie, and they also came to participate in the crowdfunding, resulting in an explosive increase in the amount of crowdfunding .


The original goal was only 1 million, but after netizens tapped the water, the amount of crowdfunding broke through the 10 million and 100 million mark.When it was taken off the shelves today, it reached 121.95 million yuan. This is the largest crowdfunding in the history of domestic assembled models, exceeding the amount by 120 times.

However, due to everyone’s enthusiasm, it will take a long time for the product to be released after crowdfunding. The early ones may be shipped in May-June, and a large number of netizens will ship in July-August.

According to reports, Saifan Science Fiction Space will launch a series of movie-derived peripheral products at the same time as the film is released. The crowdfunding products this time are based on three very important props in the film: the multi-functional all-terrain transport robot dog Benben, the artificial intelligence MOSS and the Digital Life Card.

Crowdfunding around the film

Crowdfunding around the film

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