Criteria for choosing a PC gaming wheel

We explain what you should pay attention to when choosing a gaming steering wheel for your computer.

Players know that a computer without a game controller is the same as a machine without ammo. It looks impressive, but the options are limited. For fans of fighting games and shooters, the ideal manipulator is a joystick. Fans of strategies and wargames prefer to use the mouse. Racing fans believe that the best tool for passing the game is gaming wheel for pc.

Since the game wheel is not the most common type of manipulators, users often do not know how to choose the right one. When choosing, it is important to pay attention to those characteristics that can affect the course of the game and the player’s comfort.


The production of gaming wheels is mainly carried out by well-known developers of gaming equipment. They make every effort to maintain a positive reputation. So, it is difficult to miscalculate when choosing a manufacturer. To get a top quality accessory from a worthy brand, just pay attention:

  • at the cost,
  • year of issue,
  • confirmation of originality.


It makes more sense to choose a gaming wheel that is compatible not only with computer operating systems. Even if there is no console in the “arsenal” now, it is worth thinking about the future. A steering wheel compatible with PC and consoles will definitely not be superfluous. It will come in handy in case of receiving a console as a gift or an unscheduled purchase. You can also take such a steering wheel with you when you go to visit a friend who has a Sony Playstation.


In this case, it is better not to economize. You should look for a suitable option in the middle or top price segment.

An overpayment when buying a steering wheel is always justified. The higher the cost, the more realistic the feeling in use. Expensive steering wheels allow you to feel like a car pilot with a lot of experience behind him.

Handlebar diameter

The steering wheel should not be overly compact. It is good if its dimensions are close to the real diameter of a rally steering wheel, and this is not less than 30 cm. This size allows you to conveniently place your hands on the manipulator and easily reach the controls with your fingers.

Steering wheel

The best option is a steering wheel with an adjustable steering angle. A small angle (up to 270 degrees) is optimal for beginners, a medium one (up to 570) is what is needed for fans of rally simulators, and a large one (up to 1080) is suitable for fans of ordinary car simulators.

Coating material

The player constantly has to contact the surface of the steering wheel. It should be pleasant to the touch and durable. The most common coating materials are:

  1. Plastic. This is a cheap but not very practical option. Hands slide on the plastic surface, and because of this, during the game, you can make a fatal mistake.
  2. Leather. Expensive and nice stuff. Its main advantage is naturalness and durability.
  3. Rubber. Compromise solution. Unlike plastic, rubber does not slip. Moreover, it costs less than leather.


Cheap handlebars only have suction cups from the mounts. They are not reliable and do not fix the manipulator very firmly. Sudden movements can lift the steering wheel off the table.

For more expensive devices, clamps are provided in the design. They secure the steering wheel firmly and allow you to play dynamic games in comfort.


A wide range of emotions can only be obtained by using the feedback steering wheel. With it, you can feel the entire relief of the virtual road surface.


To save money and time, you should choose handlebars with pedals. Most often, there are 2 or 3 of them in the basic configuration. Basic requirements for pedals: high strength, easy movement, support for adjusting the height and angle of inclination.

According to these characteristics, it is realistic to choose a steering wheel that will allow you to set new records in your favorite games.