Created a perpetual battery – it will never deteriorate

Researchers and scientists from the Technical University of Vienna have invented a fundamentally new type of battery. It is oxygen-ion, and unlike other batteries, will never fail.

One of the main problems of all batteries (including lithium-ion batteries, which are widely used in modern electronics) is degradation. Due to discharge and charge cycles, or simply over time, the contents of the battery become more inert and less able to cope with the task of storing electrical energy. As a result, the battery loses a significant part of its nominal capacity, and at some point it completely stops accumulating and releasing a charge. The worst thing is when it is non-removable, because it is difficult or even impossible to replace it, so the gadget in which it is installed has to be sent in for repair or thrown away.

Oxy-ion batteries are also subject to the problem of degradation due to recharge cycles, but their chemical composition allows using a special procedure to regenerate them, returning them to their previous capacity. Another advantage of this invention is that such batteries can be produced without the use of rare earth materials, that is, they are more environmentally friendly and economical.

However, this invention also has disadvantages. Since oxygen is used, which is much less dense than metals, the battery is light but bulky. Because of this, it will not be able to find application in consumer electronics (smart watches, smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.), it will potentially be used only in industrial devices. It is ideal for this area, because it provides a higher degree of safety – it does not contain combustible materials and does not ignite when heated to a high temperature, but simply melts.