Crafting Fish Oil with a Fishing Rod on the Woodworking Bench in V Rising

In V Rising you have the opportunity to build a fishing rod and catch fish in the lakes of the game world. What may seem rather useless in the first hours of the game turns out to be a valuable activity for obtaining resources later in the game. In this guide we tell you everything about fishing.

Defeat Rufus the Foreman

Before you start looking for a pond or lake to fish in, you first need to be able to make a fishing rod. The blueprint is not available to you from the start. Instead, you first have to defeat the V-Boss Rufus the foreman Defeat (level 20).


Rufus stays in Bandit logging camp of the Farbane Forest and is responsible for the security of his bandit troupe. When you get in there, you better eliminate any bandits you find. Otherwise, they may intervene in the fight with Rufus and you will have bad cards if you have to concentrate on several opponents.

The burly lieutenant can call loggers for help, throw out a net that stops your movement, and set his crossbow to continuous fire. Especially if the latter two abilities are triggered in close succession, virtual death could threaten. Therefore, always keep moving, strike a few times and move away again or attach yourself to his back.

If Rufus the Foreman is defeated, you will unlock the following:

Blood SkillWoodworking BenchCrossbowFishing RodCarved WoodPicture Frame


Build a woodworking bench and make a fishing rod

The woodworking bench will cost you 12x boards and 60x animal skin in production. To make boards you have to cut down trees and put the saw wood in the sawmill. You can get animal skin from almost any wild animal (deer, wolves, bears, deer).

Once the workbench is made, you can come along 6x boards, 3x copper bars and 3x rough thread also build the fishing rod. You get copper bars when you mine copper ore and throw it into the smelting furnace. Rough Thread can be found in many towns in the Farbane Forest and is dropped by NPCs, but can also be found in crates and chests.

Catch fish and make fish oil

You can equip the fishing rod just like a weapon. Open the map and search for bodies of water. Every pond and lake potentially has fish. This can be recognized on site by a circular surface of foaming water. With your fishing rod equipped, simply stand in front of the pond and press the left mouse button to cast the fishing line. You can tell whether the fish are biting by the sudden splashing sound that occurs.

You can catch all kinds of fish. Here are a few examples of fish and what they give you:

Strong stinger: bones, fish oilRainbow trout: bones, fish oilFat gobies: bones, fish oilTwilight snapper: bones, fish oil, chitinSwamp dwellers: bones, fish oil, chitin

But what to do with all the fish? Well, you can throw them to the devourer. In exchange, depending on the fish, you will receive bones and fish oil or even chitin, which is used to make strong armor parts. For example, you need fish oil for the tannery. Together with flawless skin you get this flawless leatherwhich you also need for equipment.

However, you won't only land fish. Only bones could end up in your inventory, but also rare resources such as gemstones. Otherwise you can also pick up the fish. Some are used to create powerful potionslike the rage potion at the alchemy table.